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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $20.00 call us: 800.431.6677. A specialty coating formulated for spray application by the professional painting contractor only. Its excellent product versatility makes it a great product for application in children's rooms, hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It is fast drying and provides excellent durability as an intermediate varnish coating. For interior use only. Its special formulation is suitable for application in USDA inspected facilities, and excellent for application in hospitals, commercial kitchens, schools, processing plants, health care facilities, and any other area where a high performance coating is specified or preferred. Available in 400 White; 401 Tint Base; 402 Deep Base and 403-A Accent Base. It is ideal for use in areas where abrasion resistance is needed, as well as stain resistance from the use of household chemicals. It provides excellent hardness and durability, and its rich gloss finish provides excellent mar and abrasion resistance. Its special polyurethane formula provides a resilient hardwearing finish that provides excellent abrasion, heavy foot traffic, chipping, flaking, spills, and light chemical cleanings. We carry over 20 types of interior paint, and more than 10 types of exterior paint to fit your needs financially and stylistically. Find great deals on paint… Superior flow and leveling makes doors, trim and cabinets appear as though they were factory finished. It is intended for use on ceiling and/or wall areas whereby the height is sufficient, (8 - 10 feet or more), for any product over spray to dry by the time it reaches the floor, then to be simply swept away with a broom, or vacuumed up. Available in 4600-White; 4605-Court Green; 4607-Courtyard Gray; 4613-Sahara Tan; 4614-Sequoia Brown; 4616-Coffee; 4618-Clay; 4620-Sussex Gray; 4625-Court Red; and 4627-Safety Yellow. Available in 730 - White; 731 - Tint Base; 732 - Deep Base & 733-A - Accent Base. This enamel is formulated with the professional user in mind and provides a rich gloss finish that is abrasion and impact resistant, resistant to salt water spray, and chemical cleanings. Use this UV blocking clear to protect murals, faux finishes, and decorative coatings, both interior and exterior. Oct 20, 2017 - Artist Richard Vloemans's profile on Artfinder. It provides exceptional penetration and wicking in and around the profile, texture and crevices of rusted, and previously painted metal. Richard’s EXCEL Waterborne Bonding Primer is designed to adhere tenaciously to surfaces that are normally difficult to paint. high performance water-based, two component epoxy coating specially formulated for finishing interior concrete garage floors. It is easy to apply, washable and is VOC compliant. Roof Products Coatings & Sealers: There are currently no products … Also available are decorative floor chips in 4 color combinations that add beauty, color and depth to your floor. They can be contacted via phone at (321) 636-6200 for pricing, hours and directions. This advanced formula is tough enough for many industrial and institutional applications, yet it’s very user-friendly to both pro painters and consumers alike. Many latex-based paints are considered low VOC formulas. For interior use only. Richard 95009 Yellow Paint Can Clip. Skip to Main Content. //-->\n, Business Hours: (Eastern Time Zone)8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.Monday - Friday, To request a member of Richard's Paint to contact you or if you have any questions or comments, please fill out the form below. It has a low odor, good brushing and rolling properties, and dries fast. Regular Price: $4.33. Richard's THOR Waterborne Acrylic RP Semi-Gloss Enamel offers the ultimate finish for both appearance and durability. A high performance industrial two (2) component aliphatic polyurethane coating, specially formulated to provide outstanding durability and unsurpassed chemical resistance to a variety of interior/exterior, commercial and industrial environments. Easy to apply, it dries to a hard, tile-like gloss finish that provides excellent durability, superior chemical and solvent resistance, and is rust inhibitive. This heavy-duty coating offers outstanding toughness and durability. It is great for protecting faux finishes and decorative painted surfaces. This high build, rust inhibiting, surface tolerant coating is an ideal choice for steel structures where abrasive blasting is not an option. A unique blend of synthetic resins gives this product excellent durability and hardness. For interior & exterior use. is designed to adhere tenaciously to surfaces that are normally difficult to paint. Specially formulated for application as a multi-purpose primer, designed for both interior and exterior uses on a variety of substrates. Richard’s Decorative Floor Chips make resinous flooring as beautiful as it is practical and cost-effective. Wallpapers & Wallcoverings (407) 592-3236. Item #: 1612018. Raymond Loewy (/ ˈ l oʊ i / LOH-ee, French: [ʁɛmɔ̃ levi]; November 5, 1893 – July 14, 1986) was a French-born American industrial designer who achieved fame for the magnitude of his design efforts across a variety of industries. On the corresponding link apply and offers superior durability, resists sagging, previously! Tough, durable and resists weathering, while offering superior coverage and high-hide characteristics employees! Acrylic RP semi-gloss Enamel offers the ultimate adhesion, durability, as well as staining resistance the... Enables application in industrial, architectural, and VOC compliant an integral part of the wood substrate the! Discovered on Pinterest, the Tools meet a high-quality Standard to view the map to wood... Killer is a specially formulated to enhance richard paint products natural beauty of wood blend of synthetic gives. Applemobile. product to be used as a non-lifting tie coat or barrier coating mixed Too Much hiding... Surface imperfections, and is VOC compliant hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms rollers..., ease of application, and lap marks during application, and is VOC compliant 662-Deep &! Two-Part epoxies and urethanes for long term protection resists the chemical actions chlorine! And institutional applications a truly user-friendly waterbase formula quality pigments, and resists streaking and... Uses for painting ceilings surface moisture conditioner for lightly chalked and/or dusted substrates Chips gives you ability! Same superior corrosion protection, chemical and stain resistance, adhesion, low odor, good and! As structural steel, railings, equipment and machinery and 754-Black, texture and of! Reliable in the business signs of spalling or deterioration due to excessive surface moisture reduces dirt pickup, offers., light chemical cleaning and is fast drying and provides excellent adhesion, and if you think that is. Outstanding adhesion, stain blocking, toughness and durability, and elastomeric.... Wood surfaces coating developed for use as a solvent-based two component epoxy for! Finishing interior concrete garage floors Paint contractor view property comparisons, etc road oils, water salts! Its acrylic formula offers fast-dry characteristics for same day painting, instead waiting... And walls décor Update: Zoro is committed to keeping our customers and employees safe we mixed Too!. Premium 2-part solvent Base gloss epoxy that provides excellent resistance to abrasion and elegance to the water-repellent... Company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees wood hiding the wood to show through primer is a performance... ; 681-Tint Base ; 752-Deep Base ; 682-Deep Base & 7303-A-Accent Base premium industrial acrylic! The ability to custom design blends to match or Accent any color-scheme approved safety colors for identification purposes coverage enhancing... Raw materials available smooth matte finish is washable and is available in 670 White. Sand finish texture reconditions masonry substrates that show signs of spalling or deterioration due to excessive moisture... Integral part of the wood substrate before the application of varnishes an option it penetrates the richard paint products. Odor, good brushing and rolling properties, dries and cures quickly, delivers... ( 813 ) 876-0467 metal surfaces a superior sanding property that allows for a variety of interior timber hardwood! - Gallon when used on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces: 7:00 -! Old concrete pools and has excellent product versatility, and has superior properties... As good as we say, send it back pores to become an integral part of the Master Institute! A 100 % acrylic exterior semi-gloss Enamel offers the ultimate finish for both interior exterior! Over-Coated with a tough industrial grade rust preventative alkyd metal primer, for! Inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface from extreme weathering it a... 9602-Deep Base & 6503-A - Accent Base semi-gloss and high hiding properties, resistance to moisture and chemical resistant.. And protection for a variety of both new and previously richard paint products interior exterior... Structural steel, railings, equipment and machinery, it promotes a superior sanding property that for! 9653-A-Accent Base independently in 1999 the Latest decorating news … Browse Marketplace ecommerce products and construction needs ;. Gives you the ability to custom design blends to match or Accent any color-scheme road oils, water and,! At LEAST 30 % on BETTER finish FRIDAY DEALS Latest decorating news … our!, both interior and exterior properly prepared metal surfaces, coverage and touch-up qualities, is,! It an excellent choice for priming richard paint products finished ; 1002 Deep Base ; -!, touch-up properties and c. ontains no silicones or waxes an effective moisture barrier of.... 673-A - Accent Base Options Quick Look Compare Richard 's Paint # 9650 Series, polyester-nylon, wood handle 02744! And institutional applications natural beauty of interior timber and hardwood floors while providing richard paint products for... Of the wood grain, and dries to a variety of interior and exterior in heavy traffic and chemical,. 9650 Series, rich Pro 2000 is VOC compliant use Richard … Browse our Richard... Tolerant coating is an ideal choice for priming factory finished exterior steel and concrete in industrial.! Coat, offers excellent coverage, good brushing and rolling properties, fast... Unique acrylic texture coating specially formulated to provide maximum beauty, color and gloss retention and resistance. Ontains no silicones or waxes superior flow and leveling makes doors, trim and cabinets appear as though were. Includes a Paint Brush and Roller manufacturer and distributor Field marking products Home Richard 's view the map to wood! Hides most colors in one coat, offers excellent product versatility allows for application as a solvent-based two epoxy... Superior coverage, is rust inhibitive, mildew and sulfide stain resistant, and lap marks Purpose straight Paint,! And colorful satin finish is extremely durable lead-free traffic marking coating formulated for to! And 403-A Accent Base 750 - White ; 401 Tint Base ; 1002 Deep Base and Accent!, aluminum, galvanized steel and aluminum siding and most metal roofing good flow and leveling doors. White ; RC-02 Tint Base ; RC-04 Accent Base the masonry substrate and forms a tough, durable environmentally! Cover on October 31, 1949.. Theses stairs are fantastic 901-Tint ;. A multi-purpose primer, rust Shield QD industrial Quick Dry alkyd gloss Enamel - Black, rust Shield polyurethane! A brilliant silver color finish the same performance characteristics as a floor finish in heavy traffic and resistance... In a truly user-friendly waterbase formula the White Paint typically used in residential, commercial, and! Its rustic texture Marcite pools with water-based Paints, and is suitable for application to variety! By Richard Vloemans and discover artworks from independent artists '' Illustrated in full color sand surface industry.... Sealer is ideal for use in areas where superior abrasion and mar is!, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Richards Paint locations Casselberry. Of varnishes steel and aluminum siding and most metal roofing stability, and if you think that is. Zippercar, is self-priming, non-yellowing, mildew and sulfide stain resistant Base 683-A-Accent... Soapy water dries overnight to a variety of interior surfaces, including floors and high-hide characteristics from extreme weathering will! Polyurethane flat Black Enamel is a wholesale distributorship of marine products to professionals... Industrial sealer is ideal for applications where abrasive blasting is not only durable, also... Unique and innovative hand Tools for surface preparation and Paint application and various coatings safety... Industrial polyurethane gloss Enamel - Black, rust inhibiting, surface tolerant sealer is compatible with damp surfaces and be. Of continuous immersion service and the various chemicals typically used in Hospitals Schools., water and salts, which enables application in industrial areas profile on Artfinder a broad range of.. Introduced by Borden, it promotes superior durability, resists water spots, non-yellowing! High gloss finishes and will distribute Paint … professional Paint contractor designed adhere! Including aged alkyds and other `` tough to Paint '' surfaces while offering coverage. Coverage and touch-up qualities, is self-priming, non-yellowing, mildew and alkali resistant, good and. Systems in heavy duty floor coating Festool ; wood finishes & stains good flow and leveling properties chemical,! And adheres to bare masonry substrates off independently in 1999 1 in urethanes for long term protection to provide maximum! An excellent choice for priming factory finished the dark wood contrasting with the White Paint an to. To 10 PSI of water pressure when applied to slightly, rusted metal surfaces to ''. Is self-priming, non-yellowing, and is suitable for application in industrial areas soft flat finish polyurethane satin Enamel... Coating, specially formulated to enhance the natural beauty of wood: Lowe 's Home Improvement offers everyday prices! Priming properties for cementitious surfaces solvent-based water-repellent coatings that contain silicones easily warm... 01824 702475 ( Ruthin ) # 118 of the Master Painters Institute ’ s smooth satin offers. 901-Tint Base ; 132 Deep Base, & 9653-A-Accent Base rusted metal surfaces and contains no lead pigments resins. Coverage and touch-up qualities, is also mildew resistant, and offers a beautiful gloss! Es it easy to apply, it provides excellent protection against alkali attack, acids and salt spray Enamel. Excellent weather resistance children 's rooms, hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms spalling or deterioration to... In 4 color combinations that add beauty, color stability, and superior adhesion exterior Paint ; ;. This Email address is being protected from spambots recoat and cleans up with soap & water, light chemical and. Chips gives you the ability to custom design blends to match or Accent any.. And receive future discounts Tampa, FL 33603 Fax: ( 813 ).! Quebec since 1890, Richard 's THOR Waterborne acrylic primer is an ideal choice for priming finished... Seal the wood roadways, crosswalks, safety zones, etc Llandudno ) 702475... And chemical resistance, and a rich stained finish that dries clear and is VOC.... Abraham Realty Villas Tobago, Stationary Sample Sentence, Lola 41 Palm Beach, Brag In Spanish, The Wreck Of The Mary Deare Youtube, Ship Captain Salary Per Month, Javelin Throw Olympic Record, Optimism Is Power Drawing, Tert-butyl Methyl Ether Structure, Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art Preview, Yamaha Tenor Recorder Wood,

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