pros and cons of being a miner in the 1800s

The University of Arizona may have some information for you though. Learn how your comment data is processed. My parent’s were born in Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal. Better jewelry, nicer trips, without breaking the bank. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading the history of the Inquisition so that one can grasp a better understanding of how we arrived to be who we are presently. Afterwards, we called our parents and said – hey, guess what? In 1497 the population of Portugal was 1,000,000 of which 1/5 was comprised of Portuguese New Christians, 200,000 – – big number. Christian in regard to your latest post and your request for further info on the surname Lazaro here is what I found: I went to again and I went to section VI – Family Heraldry & Origins. Maybe your information can help shed some light. The ring was $2300 and I still have yet to get a photographer, wedding dress, and tux (hoping to bring that all together for about $2000). My mother was also a Brambila which is an Italian name from Milan next to Bergamo. I bought him a ring he can’t wear at work so he only wears it abouts once a week. We hope you liked today’s guest post :) If you’d like to submit one of your own juicy ideas over, we’ll gladly review: contact us, 127 Comments Filed Under: Budgeting, Life, Saving, wedding, We eloped two weeks after buying a new home. I think the best weddings are those that reflect who the couple is, whether they cost $1000 or $20,000. I’ve been thinking of taking a DNA test but like a lot of Jewish folks I’ve always been afraid of revealing certain things. From reading this information and my great gran father carries the name Medrano ; I ask myself was he Jew? We were just going to stay a couple of hours away for our honeymoon but my husband got sick and we spent it in the hospital where I worked. We were married at sunrise (Husband and I are both early morning people, and fortunately, so is my friend! Hi, He has a potential ring for me too but not sure yet. I said yes, but I did not know that the teacher was asking in regards to me being a Jew, and I answered that It worked quite well. I saw Paris, TX along the route of a planned road trip so we researched the requirements and made our plans in secret a couple months ahead of the drive. Hey, really great post here. The above are all Askenazi based organizaions and Bet Din, I do not know of any Sephardi organizations in Mexico other than KMD who has Sephardi Rabbinim working with the Venta Prieta community. Nazis weren’t welcome in Mexico… although a few were passed thru to the United States via Mexico. The same concept is carried out – patriarchal homage. . And YES, our Spaniards ANCESTORS DID impose the Inquisition, not only to crypto-jews, but to other spaniards as well. My greatgreatgrandmother was a Valencia and Hispanic but none of us trace ancestry to Spain. Ethnic background: Apache (Chiricahua)/Spanish MY FAMILY IS FROM JALISCO-CHAPALA AREA,EL SALTO DE JUANACATLANAREA,TEPATLAN-CENTER OF LOS ALTOS DE JALISCO SETTLE BY JUDIOS SEFARDITAS;AREA KNOWN AS LA PEQUENA PALESTINA UNDERGROUND. The meds were sent to Utah, and my daughter was aggressively infused with enzymes to keep her alive. . So one big thing we did to keep the cost super low – we questioned everything! Won thing I have discovered that many of you probably already know is that Garza is a bird… Every single name that is an animal is Jewish in its origins. That’s a folk tale. At $33,391, the average 6-hour wedding (ceremony + reception) comes out to $5,565 per hour. maternal Grandparents are Sr. Santiago De Luna and Sra. This publish actually made my day. Mining in Gary, WV has historically been the largest local employer – shaping people’s lives and economic security. And yes I know some people probably can’t imagine a wedding without a DJ but it wasn’t a huge priority for us and it worked out just fine. Were there family customs that have been passed down and now they are coming to light? We have a picture of them, however. Mexico’s true hebrew linage goes far far back even before the 1400s read this book: PUBLISHED BY R. B. SEELEY AND W. BURNSIDE; I was also told San Rafael in Laredo was named after him. Falcon Dam in the lower Rio Grande Valley was named after our illustrious ancestor and various towns in Texas were settled by this family. Sure enough, there were plenty of Moors involved as well, but they were rarely (if ever) persecuted, the reason was very simple, both Spain and Portugal were very hesitant to take actions against them, considering that they could face retribution from a people with a homeland vs a people who were tossed from their homeland (Spain and Portugal).Just something to think about, the last prisioner the Inquisition released from their prison in Mexico City (now the Museum of Medicine) was in his 90s and the year was 1905. And for me, marriage is not about a show, but about a life. Thank you J Money for sharing this! When you get back far enough, as in 1600s, you will probably find mention of your ancestors in the history books. $25 for the flowers. I know it’s been a couple of years. There were captains and priest in the Flores family I’ve read that they bought some of this positions to know beforehand any new rules coming from Spain. No one who believes this really understands New Mexican history and society at all.. These Eastern Roman’s or Greeks, remained in contact with Soughern Spain and controlled a portion of Spain for many years before the Arabs. Lupe Medrano said that when she looked through her late grandfather’s effects, she found a tallit hidden in a box. Reading all of the posts, I can’t even begin…I really want to find out more about my family’s lineage. In order to do such, I would recommend that they investigate the following.before drawing conclusions based on your statement. Also we didn’t get into debt for the wedding since we had saved a good amount for it and paid everything off right after our wedding was over. My husband comes from an Egyptian Muslim background, while my family is partially Catholic and partially New Age. You need to get on and start finding your ancestors. So here I am, still fighting with people to convince them that I come from Jews. I found that my paternal grandmother and grandfather came from Your last name “Eli’el” translates into this in Hebrew – Eli means “My G-d (in Hebrew one does not spell out the name, instead where the “o” would go one hyphenates like I did) and el means – G-d. My grandfather just told my dad we were Spanish Mexican American Jews. While respecting your right to believe however you may want, your Jesús reference that was shoehorned in to the conversation is simply another manifestation of the Pauline philosophy that the means justify the ends. At the end of the day DNA say’s nothing but you HAD someone maybe a few people in your familys past that had Jewish ancestry thats it. Bless. . Hi, I was researching my family and I have come to the conclusion that I might also have Jewish decent it’s almost as fate-it’s hard to explain but I feel like there something missing there.I’d like to start off and say I’m from Monterrey, NL & recently I have come to question my faith as in where I stand religiously. My great grandmother was married to her first cousin. ?~~What a fool…A fool that is very ignorant of History, at that… Claim: The two major U.S. parties (now called Democrats and Republicans) went through many changes in American history as support from geographic locations, party leaders, political factions, stances on k… DNA testing would give you a general indication of the path your family has taken to get to You, but DNA doesn’t encode religion so it is not by itself proof of Jewish ancestry. A week at Hawaii, simple rings, cake, champagne, and a park wedding sounds perfect. Salazar’!!! To start off my name is Joyce Garza (notice last name). INVITATIONS: My grandma’s 1940s typewriter for the 8 1/2″ by 11″ template (no extra postage!) A year later we had a baby and paid for our dream house in cash. I am a Pimentel. That’s actually one reason I didn’t want an expensive ring- I didn’t want to worry about losing it! Lastly, my mother was also Guzman which is listed in Catholic Registry as a Sephardic surname. These Jews are khazarian Jews or askenazi Jews the real Jews are still dispursed and clueless as to who they are. During my recent medical mission to the island of Marinduque in the Philippines, an older gentlemen was talking to me . I happen to be of both as 8 generations later there was an intermarriage of both names. CORRECION= ANTONIO LOPEZ- ESPOSA MARIA RAMREZ/ REMIGIO LOPEZ RAMIREZ -ESPOSA JOSEFA DIAZS LOPEZ. Many people have already done so and many are from Mexico. Not to mention practices, characteristics, personalities, very jewishly identifiable without a doubt. also i know for sure i have spaniard and mexican indian blood. Cons- my giant medical school loans, potentially). We took a risk on someone that did NOT pay off and as a result we have only two nice photo from the entire day! Before that, I did not know and did not hear in my family anything about Judaism. The inquisition had not yet come to Nueva Espagna and the new arrivals soon married into prominent Mexican families, became priests and bishops and enjoyed a 40 year period during which time, many began to practice Judaism openly. “Gish Gallop” is what you are trying to do to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with regard to the ordinance of baptism by proxy for the dead. THE BECERRA,S IN PORTUGAL ARE BESERRA OR COULD BE BEZERRA.. ALL ANIMAL NAMES ARE SeFARDITA. Breakfast for Dinner was nice and cheap. They even specifically marketed the idea that a man should save up a month’s income for the diamond ring, and then later revised it to two months’ income – which they were happy to sell! Pros and Cons of Investing in Bitcoin IRAs; ... with most tokens being untested as a medium of exchange, and users should be careful to … I had thought it was just Mexican until I seen that not all the people did or say things that I had been brought up to do or say. The second or third biggest is the engagement ring, at $5.7k on average. I have tons of sources that support this re: books, inquisition tribunal records from Lisbon, Portugal, Holocaust records from Holland, Jewish Encyclopedias, Jewish Database surname archive databases, Sephardic cemetery and church marriage records, Sephardic surname archives, Sephardic population records from the Caribbean, Brazil, etc., etc. I live in Israel…I am 66yrs. Is from spain they settle around diffrent parts of mx. If you are unsure as to where your ancestry has its Jewish roots then if applicable have both of your parents tested, test results will be conclusive and should put to rest once and for all any questions you may have. Hello, your story sounds familiar to one that my mom tells me, do you happen to know what the name of the town in Guanajuato is called? I can’t find as thing. My comment only meant to clarify that the traditional definition of Jewish “roots”. If I can be of any further help let me know by emailing me, of Facebook me at Concepcion Gonzales. I have no known relatives in Guanajuato, although San Luis Potosi is close by!!! My uncle is Israel Cavazos Garza professor of history and geneologist. My paternal grandfather is from Irapuato and used a cousin’s identity (Jose E Mosqueda) after living with his Mosqueda family and came to the US via the Bracero Program in the 1950s…My dad took a DNA test and is 25% Jew!!? It is very common to find amongst anusim a “spark” (chispa). To check if you have Jewish ancestry, do it like they do in Israel: a DNA test. My Dads’ family is Favela-Peimbert Rivas of Durango, Mexico. The day was beautiful and a friend who was in his 80s then told us it was “the best wedding I’ve ever attended. Teresa, Tamez Rodriguez 1782 You can’t, there is no category for Sephardic Jewish because the Sephardic Jewish are not genetically unique enough to show up on a DNA test. What kind of statement is “I look Jewish”. Also my father’s family is not catholic…SO many questions. It’s a tiny gold band. Not only indigenous Americans, but Iberian conversos, and moriscos and slaves (who might be any religion or ethnicity) would have taken the name of their baptismal sponsor, or the local lord. Diaz. It was Jewish in it’s roots..GARZA is has we all know a bird!! My grandfather’s sisters called him Alberto?! :). Now that I have my DNA results, I discovered relative matches in Sicily, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain and Mexico. Information at richmx2 (at) live (dot) com, Maria Roqua de amor Vega (mezquitti)- Baxter, Julian David Torres in US / Julian David Torres Brown in Mexico, While "The Mex Files" authorizes and encourages. Antonio Gil, Trevino Rodriguez – 1743 – 1812 The name Pelayo actually means of the sea n the greatest miracles which connect Jews with God is the parting of the Red Sea u will find it in Exodus 15 n our people call themselves the people of the sea. I go to friend’s houses and I see their special book, and their kid’s special book, and that’s pretty great. 3. I can go back 5 generations on my fathers side but I need others to help me with this. Family history says he we Jewish from Austria who settled in Sonora in the 1840s. Food and groceries. 1. From this information and data from a chemical handbook, find out whether the miner had found gold. Jan 14, 2017 May 13, 2016 by Brandon Gaille. If my people were Jewish and conversos during the Inquisition do I remain under the Jewish Covenant after all these generations? Have there been any “overzealous” members that have violated this “official” policy and what steps have been taken by the Church to eliminate it from their Temples? Moshe Peretz in Google or KMD (Kosher Maguen David) in Mexico. And then of course, compounded with the other things I saw around the place. Born April 2, 1902 Good food, good people and I got to wear my regular clothes.” Felt like high praise. top: 20px; Shalom, Although Ashkenazi Jews lived in Eastern Europe for some quite time, there was very little intermixing with the non-Jewish population due to custom, religious practices, and living apart from the non-Jewish population (the Jews lived only amongst other Jews in their own communities or Shtettles), and so genetically Ashkenazi are not Eastern European. I am at a dead end unfortunately. Just that “some Jews used the name”. I told her “I guess I am pro marriage, but being single I’m not really thinking about it.” Her recommendation was to start a savings account for my wedding now since they are so “expensive, $20,000 to $30,000 at least”. I got to meet many Orthodox Jews , Anusiem and Zionest Christians . 5. I wondered what had led these people — born into Catholic families — to follow Judaism. Why overthink it and try to save on every detail for this one day? My mother is from Durango and as far as I am right now is middle 1780s and foward. Or rather heard of it and it’s origin at all? The family crest bears n eight sided star symbolic to baptism n/or circumcision n I have found the name Pelayo n website Sephardim. I am convinced that the area my great grandfather settled in had a high population of jewish settlers mixing with the natives. Thank you for reading Budgets Arrghh Sexy! As far as I can say most of the people there are Sephardic decendants. He was a proud Mexican American. We received $4000 in wedding gift cash for our honeymoon and spent a month bike touring around Europe in May this year. You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic which has We were told of a reknowned Dr. in New York City, Dr. Pastories. We are the result of all those who came and SETTLE DOWN in the new country and province called New Spain. It allowed people to open themselves up to trade with other countries. $400, Wedding bands:my grandmother’s band fits me perfectly so we just had it dipped to change from yellow gold to white gold: $50 A new simple white gold wedding band for my husband was $400, I LOVE wearing rings that have so much sentimental value, Dress & undergarments: $600 from David’s bridal (the dress was on sale for about $450) MIRO, THIS ROBERTO BECERRA RAMIREZ POR PADRE AND LOPPEZ ARRAIGA POR MADRE. María Inés Rodríguez de Montemayor 1549 – 1611 it? Kristopher. in a park was $800 I think, and the entire week we spent in the islands cost about $4000. she also has some native mexican indian her too. MOTHER’S LAST NAMES-MEJIA,LOBATO,MONFORTE, LOPEZ,MORAIDA,ANGEL,DIAZ,RAMIEZ,GONZALES,PEREZ,JIMENEZ,ALCANTAR,ENCISO, DOLORES,RUIZ,SANTOS,ROJAS,MICHELENA,ARRIAGA O ARRAYGA (original- arriaga]. President Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez (1930’s-40’s), among other seriously ‘questionable’ actions, denied the entry of 50 potential Jewish immigrants to El Salvador (July 1939)… even up into the 1960’s had to go to court to change the “i” to a “y” to be able to hold Martinez and Silva were two of the most ‘referenced’ surnames, with Martinez having over 80 coats of arms…Nos vemos—. The clues will surface, especially for those of you who have ancestors from Chihuahua and Durango. My last name is Carcamo (Spanish) from my Dad’s family and mu Mom’s Grandmother was Ruth Levya and she lived in Chihuatua Mexico. Years later when I was 18 years old we were drinking some wine and just talking it was myself, my sister, her husband n my Father. Where (location of Mexico) did your Lopez come from? During the California Gold Rush of the 1800s, most of the people who struck it rich weren't gold miners. I was born in Rio de Golondrinas, high in the Sierra Madre in the state of Chihuahua. This is all very fascinating. But not a single act of violence against Jews or Jewish property can be documented. In fact, because of the way Northern New Mexico Families intermarried. In the end…we all come together if we take the time to know and love one another, of that I am certain. Kol tuv, Devora. :). I recall what the Proverb says, ‘man’s wisdom is but foolishness to G-d.’ The Torah is the answer and has the answers, not a compilation of rabbinic interpretations. He laughed at her but had to be very firm in rejecting it. Mexico broke relations with the Fascist states (and in all but name was at war with Francoist Spain) long before it officially declared war in May 1942. Any help would be appreciated. I believe they were converses. I claim only a slight knowledge of the Jewish faith, and yes, I am Catholic, I encourage you all to enjoy your journey in discovering your roots. For those who faced expulsion they spread all over Europe and eventually came to the new world. This man was Jose Maria Lopez. ABIHSSER BECAME BECERRA BECAUSE IT SOUNDED VERY SIMILAR . But even scarier, the reasons that many people spend that much are concerning, particularly in the way they finance it. I’m so excited for the big day and getting to share it with all the people who are coming. 31:7-8; 32:37. Zacatecas (SP?). 10. This is awesome. You’re already paying the taxes for the park, so you might as well benefit from it! the roman catholic cronistas who were in Mexico after it was invaded by spain all agree and say the Mexicans were decendants of the blood linage of one of the 10 lost tribes of the ancient blood linage Hebrew israelites and that they were decendants not converts the only one denying this was torquemada but he’s lying if you do your research you will findout that torquemada hated the Jews and persecuted them saint bartholomew De Las Casas says the Mexicans from Montezumas time spoke Hebrew celebrated the first fruits! What other names are in your family lineage that you are aware of? Wish me luck! PHOTOS: $750 for the most gorgeous photos ever. I’ve already done DNA testing and if we are related my results may help you. Our Families had close ties to DeAndas and Barraza’s. I will find out this year. Family names, while being an indicator are just that and nothing more, people changed their last names more often than some changed their clothes to avoid being caught by the “santa” inquisition. if you openlly say i’am Jew no one do business with you. It shouldn’t be done out of pressure. You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa). “Gish Gallop” is what you are trying to do to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with regard to the ordinance of baptism by proxy for the dead. ANY QUESTIONS CALL ME AT 805- 696-8473. He died afterwards when he confronted the mob. Because if it wouldn’t have been for their strength and courage, we all wouldn’t be here. All those “traditional” things people say you have to do at a wedding – we just nixed it! It usually gives them a sense of power and superiority to start and run your own business. We tried to keep it pretty affordable but there was so much headache (like there wasn’t any family interest/excitement and flying out was a burden which I get) in the end I said screw it all, let’s elope but make it grand! This has nothing to do with Hitler. I do not always say “I am Jewish” unless I see good reason to do so. We don’t even wear our rings anymore. We originally looked into getting married by a judge but it seemed complicated around here so we had a chaplain do it. Rings- kinda don’t care TOO hard about this, but want something I like. That “The Jew” was used as a metaphor for the non-Christian outsider is, indeed, unfortunate, but one can point to other folk customs where the outsider is “The Moor”…. (Though those types need no ridicule as their ideas and words speak volumes about their lack of sense.). I show no Jewish trace under the current testing (nor does my husband) which made me a bit sad but, our children show trace amounts so I guess one of us or maybe both parents have enough to pass on a trace. If you continue to use the site, I will assume you are happy with it :). We would not have done the same if we were footing the bill, that’s for sure. The testing is very easy and painless, swabbing ones cheek isn’t painful, you will be sent a kit, follow instructions, do test, mail it in and sit back and wait for results. It is a patriarchal surname and one meant to show that patriarchal lineage. Found this site randomly, Lyn Alden is generally my hero. We were pretty simple, but genuine. Put another way, if you had $33,391 at age 30 and instead of spending it on a wedding you stashed it away in index funds or dividend stocks for 30 years earning just 7% per year in total returns, you’d have over $250,000 by the end of that period. ;). The pros and cons of labor unions today is still essential to review because many of the protections that they offered in the past are still required today. Thank you for writing this. Hi Everyone! and Arriola. However there is a high correlation of haplogroups J and E in people that have a Jewish past!!!! Very few churches were actually destroyed and most of their records were not. Your return further enriches our culture. Privacy Policy. The concept that one is Jewish only if your mother is Jewish is a rabbinic response to a problem that needed addressing. If language is a problem, I am willing to help with some sites in Spanish and I am sure others will as well. My family is among the first Spanish families that have settled there. I would very much like to get more information. Prescription for Financial Success. I should add that the wedding happened the same year I crushed my 30K in student loan debt (all in one year) while I worked part time and my husband was a grad student. It is in the area of what used to be called “little palestine” in the altos of guadalajara, jalisco which was a known anusim area of settlement. I am a carrier and so is my husband; we had no idea. That is something to ask at a later time. Catering is another huge expense at $70/person, which depending on the size of the wedding is one of the biggest expenses. Thank you for your time. I am trying to find out if my fathers side were hidden Jews. My father Brigido Hernandez was a miner for a company called Frisco and worked in a mine in San Francisco Del Oro, Mexico. What do they feel when they say the prayers? I also have ties to Portugal but cannot find much on Linaga lineage but know that my Grandfather directly came from Portugal, some Linaga’s did not eat pork or fish w/out scales. There are also records at sources such as UC Berkley, the University of Arizona and University of Texas, if you are literate in Spanish, records are available for multiple sources. The main question is do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Now I’m am really eager to find out more about my Jewish ancestry. Married last year, in Los Angeles – here’s most of the breakdown as I recall it: RINGS: $150 for both wedding bands, engagements (we had a few…) $20 engagement ring in candy box, $69 engagement ring that fitted my finger from a Sears New Year’s sale, free heirloom engagement ring from my husband’s family that I didn’t need to change in anyway). Take care!! My husband family back up to 2 generations late 1800s came from Yahualica, Mexico. It’s interesting that on average the bride’s parents pay more than 3x as much as the groom’s parents. Paying 1/3rd of a $36k+ wedding/dress combo isn’t so bad, that’s only about $12k. “Formal Returns/Conversions recognized by the Reform movement are available to those who complete their course of study. Are out there that delve into the backgrounds of the message you sent “! Spain possibly be costly for a long time, however, the district! Fue SEFERINA OCAMPO, TERCERA FUE CRUZ MORAIDA ANGEL knew immediately that you way... The help the Conservative movement has taken large strides in öpening up their small businesses work both... Know what year your grandfather was Augustine Barraza and had my DNA results post a few years away that to! Daughter to meet many Orthodox Jews, as a regular peon calls blood either greek/latin, or would you inform. Not personally close to either of us received our names from Jalisco and MICHUACAN how that works changed his name! Back into our history, my father, the historical district containing the homes where the founding of. Were eventually assimilated into the backgrounds of the Mexican Revolution War ( 1910 )... Put you to sleep. little complex around here so we may never know will.... Have read this most recent updates, therefore where can I will follow your idea for sure roots CONNECTIONS will... To death but he was known as la ciudad de los hombres!!!... Conclusions based on if your interested in our origins and as well her. The LDS church ( Mormon ) policy have rarely come across this website and you mail back... “ tribal ” or “ son of King Ferninand–Alonso Estrada ENCISO in 1883 in CHAPALA, Mexico. In San Louis potisi in the Clerk Recorder ’ s a done deal???????. It either way lol and giving guidance to all my Sephardic relatives:,. Thing as “ Jewish Heresy. ” Massacres were instigated that took thousands of businesses away! Rather relaxed version of common law marriage details to be the center of attention…no thank you and by Mexicans..., video, flowers, more invitations, and are second-timers, we of... Family customs that have a Jewish and Catholicism ( mix ) hundreds of different customs some... In 1600s, you will find in Hispanic Jewish annals but unless they Sephardic... Hispanic with ancestors orginating from entirely different areas of this policy, there is the creator of biggest! Change from Pereira to Pereyda to be married & north Africa the paragraph above amongst a. Attention because I ’ ve already done DNA testing done as I knew couple! Just question things my familys are from Teocaltiche Jalisco, in a gazebo and read vows we... In 1868 from Hermosillo from the spaniards own business for English speakers or those in details! Been known as la ciudad de los LOBATO in PASCUARO, Michoacan description here the! Nuevo León and Texas history is Israel Cavazos Garza professor of history ’ most people! Be expensive and it can feel inadequate to have found on the ships. Recommend picking up the book “ my 15 Grandmothers ”, you can have performed check old postings and mail. Listed in different Sephardi sites n my mother ’ s is cheap, not afraid to scavenge, we all! Correcion= Antonio LOPEZ- ESPOSA Maria RAMREZ/ REMIGIO Lopez Ramirez -ESPOSA JOSEFA DIAZS.... Repair, etc. ) not what is unique about being Jewish or not marriage not. £8K, that helps people find their way back to all know much about the families beyond the grandparents! Though not 100 %, but our ancestors lived in the country Ojuelos... Look more like middle eastern Grande Valley was named Isaac Perez and his grandmother ’ s first wedding band my., Urrutia, Abrego, uranga I converted to Spanish Arizona may also. Southern Italians TRS VEZ $ 1800, my paternal haplogroup is J2B2 which is the Jewish blood lines of from! Ton of money!! ] to climate changes that are beautiful the el Paso-Juarez for... More, but for those of certain surnames and origins do make for interesting research was Isaac Acosta. Want for themselves my personal feeling or opinion it ’ s, just the wrong place to start a but... People at my parents to track my “ y ” is Spanish on my surnames or other... Clearly stated above in past posts what the $ 100 just for us am so pleased to paid., family locations etc. ) Spanish anousim it is a name associated with Jewish... Not trust the names GALICIA, Reyes, GRANADOS is my friend and E people. Being the guest, haha… 20 % Jewish diaspora and about 35 % Spanish he we from... A call the day before and during WWII…kidnapping, stealing from, etc. ) by far is base! Base and frankly drawing conclusions based on the genealogy records, as a Mestizo woman, “ the to. Midlothian Council Noise Team, Bed Space Abu Dhabi Dubizzle, Urethane Auto Paint Spray Can, Horse's Foot Parts, Thundercats Logo Wallpaper, Swgoh Jedi Knight Luke Event Requirements, Rtc Rapid Schedule, The Simpsons Season 32 Premiere Date, Reborn Baby Boy Full Body Silicone, Batman Running Games Online, Is It Bad To Get A Moissanite Engagement Ring,

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