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Dressed to kill definition: If someone is dressed to kill , they are wearing very smart or fashionable clothes... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I assumed she meant a wedding dress or something connected to our pending wedding until she continued. I shouldn't let anyone tell me how I should dress so that I will look like someone I'm not. I think everyone was guilty of staring at her at least once - if for no other reason, wondering if she was going to fall out of her dress. I have bought a new dress for my birthday. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Lespinasse appeals particularly to those who like to dress up for dinner. (transitive) To fit out with the necessary clothing; to clothe, put clothes on (something or someone). Can you give me a relative clause sentence example? Once more, she held the dress in front of herself. In matters of dress the asceticism of the society was very pronounced. They were compelled to wear a distinctive dress, to which, in some places, was attached the foot of a goose or duck (whence they were sometimes called Canards). Basic 10 sentences 5 Advanced Sentences about dress in a sentence Between the date of her death in 1758 and his own on the 10th of August 17 J9 he fell into a state of prostration in which he would not even dress, but wandered unshaven, unwashed and in a nightgown about his park. CK 1 1887550 I love that dress. CK 1 2380244 I love your dress. And also how can i make this sentence in german I … 3 After 1143 one may therefore speak of the period of the Epigonithe native Franks, ready to view the Moslems as joint occupants of Syria, and to imitate the dress and habits of their neighbours. Long Sentence Examples in Literature Vladimir Nabokov, “The Gift.” 96 words. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "dress-you-like " in a sentence Buy any dress you like. though as it was they never took their eyes off the couple. The soft sounds of talk drifted to her, but it was the dress of the women within that drew her eye. Example Sentences List. There will be a white dress and a veil. The young Parsi in Bombay has adopted European dress to a great extent, except as to head-gear. Synonyms of the word 'dressing gown' & Antonyms of the word 'dressing gown'. Because Clause. All Rights Reserved. They weave and dye several kinds of cloth, tan and dress leather and manufacture oil and soap. "Those guys are as tighter with their information than Aunt Gertie's dress," the old man complained. CK 1 271639 I have to dress up. CK 1 2300686 I can dress myself. The dress of Sikh women does not differ greatly from that of Hindu women; but in the Sirsa district and some other parts she wears the Mahommedan sutan or trousers, under the lhenga or skirt. They dwelt in fortified towns or castles, where the vali was only admitted on sufferance for a few days; and, at the outset, they formed a separate military caste, headed by 48 kapetans - landholders exercising unfettered authority over their retainers and Christian serfs, but bound, in return, to provide a company of mounted troops for the service of their sovereign. She wore a beautiful dress. 19), and exhibit magnificent metallic colours; their elytra are used as ornaments in human dress. The dress of the upper classes must have been of a somewhat gorgeous character, especially when account is taken of the brooches and other ornaments which they wore. You do not need to dress up for dinner. The dress was full length, rather plain, with a high collar. 300 more results not shown. These mangoes are ripe. The dress is pretty but I can't imagine having to wear these undies! Wake up and dress, now! At the coronation of George III., one of the king's grooms appeared "in a scarlet dress, holding a perfuming pan, burning perfumes, as at previous coronations.". His hand circled her neck to release the clasp of her dress. Prices are inexpensive to moderate and dress is very casual. 1), in which the king is represented in Persian dress, and the goddess to whom he is offering a bowl looks exactly like an Egyptian Isis-Hathor; the inscription mentions the various objects of bronze and gold, engraved work and temple furniture, which the king dedicated. Examples of dress and in a sentence: 1. 16. Dress Up Sentences. Her dress was a cheap affair. 5 examples of sentences using “does” : He does … Not a wrinkle in the dress! We’ll be late if we don’t hurry. - We are told that the toga, the national garment of the Romans, was originally worn both by men and by women; and though the female dress of the Romans was in historical times essentially the same as that of the Greeks, young girls still wore the toga on festal occasions, as we see from the reliefs of the Ara Pacis Augustae. Dean wished he'd taken time to dress more warmly as he hurried down the penstock path toward where Shipton's severed line had been tethered. The year I882 saw Julius Caesar in a Japanese dress. 2.- The Blue or Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus) in winter dress. 3.It hasn’t drunk the water. The Ship of Fools was as popular in its English dress as it had been in Germany. Jazz the dress up with some bright accessories. Browse essays about Dress Code and find inspiration. He loved the simple dress and manners of the Franks, and on two occasions only did he assume the more stately attire of a Roman noble. In the case of this blog post, the SEO version is: How to Write a Good Opening Sentence (With Examples). The Word "Dress" in Example Sentences Page 1. 5.We haven’t received any mail since we were retired. Dress-up definition, being an occasion, situation, etc., for which one must be somewhat formally well-dressed: the first dress-up dance of the season. - The liturgical vestments of the Catholic Church, East and West, are not, as was at one time commonly supposed, borrowed from the sacerdotal ornaments of the Jewish ritual, although the obvious analogies of this ritual doubtless to a certain extent determined their sacral character; they were developed independently out of the various articles of everyday dress worn by citizens of the Graeco-Roman world under the Empire. She was wearing a dark-blue house dress in which Prince Andrew thought her even prettier than in her ball dress. CK 1 2377629 I like your dress. of the kneeling posture of the images of Damia and Auxesia, of the use of native ware instead of Athenian in their worship, and of the change in women's dress at Athens from the Dorian to the Ionian style. Now it was ready to be made into a dress. If sleeves are shorter why is a dress yellow. The way I figure it, Edith took the knife the night when she first tried on the dress. Broadly speaking, the " smaller body" is characterized by a rigid adherence to old forms of dress and speech, to a disapproval of music and art, and to an insistence on the " Inward Light " which, at times, leaves but little room for the Scriptures or the historic Christ, although with no definite or intended repudiation of them. Scroll down the page for more examples of sentence patterns. The dress of the people is Egyptian rather than Syrian. For his care about dress and the like see ii. features, their Turkish language and their distinctive dress. 3 In harmony with prevailing custom the women's dress is rather longer than that of the men, but both sexes have the arms free and the right shoulder is exposed. A demonstrative adjective is always followed by a noun. Their mode of life and dress was peculiar and hinted at innovation. She was wearing an ugly dress. For example I liked the dress which is red. They got to dress up in beaded evening wear by Tomasz Starzewski. she muttered, and lifting her dress with one hand she went up to her husband and kissed him on the forehead. Their dress is entirely of dark blue colour, the turban being also blue, high and pointed; on it are fastened three steel quoits. No man was more negligent in his dress and habit and mien, no man more wary and cultivated in his behaviour and discourse. The dress of the Berbers was formerly made of home-woven cloth, and the manufacture of woollen stuffs has always been. A disarming act, and the prohibition of the highland dress, did not indeed break, but it transferred to other fields the military spirit of the clans. (on dress of Sinaitic Bedouin generally). 16. Why did he have to wait until her figure started to fall apart before he complained about seldom seeing her in a dress? The dress of the women is less distinctive than that of the men, who wear a picturesque black and white costume, with knee-breeches, a brilliantly coloured sash, black hempen sandals, and a handkerchief wound round the head. added by an unknown member, date unknown #856524 Şapkan elbisenle oldukça uyumlu. What was the matter with the dress? A significant feature is the kind of cape which covers the shoulders; it would not and no doubt was not intended to leave play for the arms; it was the dress of the leisured classes, and a typical FIG. She adorned her earlobes with pearl earrings that matched the tiny row of buttons down the front of her dress. Carmen showered and donned a simple sheath dress and didn't ask Alex what they should wear. The smooth lines of the dress flattered her petite figure, but more important was the fact that Alex liked it. At the same time her extravagance in dress, jewelry and amusements (including the gardens and theatricals at Trianon, of the cost of which such exaggerated reports were spread about) and her presence at horse-races and masked balls in Paris without the king, gave rise to great scandal, which was seized upon by her enemies, among whom were Mesdames, the count of Provence, and the duke of Orleans and the Palais Royal clique. The dress moved with her like a second skin, draping her curves and swishing silently around her legs. Campbell dressed them down in public. Carmen leaned on her pillow and watched him dress for bed. Carmen was dressed in a short pink dress and white tights. His dress was of an amphibious character. Translations in context of "PURPLE DRESS" in english-czech. CK 1 2549470 Tom got dressed. Before reaching Montserrato, Ignatius purchased some sackcloth for a garment and hempen shoes, which, with a staff and gourd, formed the usual pilgrim's dress. 2.You have grown since the last time I saw you. 5 examples of sentences using “does” : He does … The most important study on old Babylonian dress is that of E. The essential feature both of male and female dress during the "Minoan " and " Mycenaean " periods was the loin-cloth, which is best represented by the votive terra-cotta statuettes from Petsofa in Crete discovered by Professor J. 5. The heat of his large hands burned through her thin dress, and warmth bloomed within her. My monthly condition excuses me from duties today so I donned my finest dress and strolled the streets of Ouray like the lady that was once Annie Quincy. To escape attention the little party assumed the dress of lamas or priests. In going abroad the ladies wear above their indoor dress a loose robe of colored silk without sleeves, and nearly open at the sides, and above it a large enveloping piece of black silk, which is brought over the head, and gathered round the person by the arms and hands on each side. Ben is an adorable baby. ro, 20; 62; 89; 11, 58; Athen. Dress up clothes, ballet tutus, portraits, flower girl dresses, princess party tutus, fairy dress up or birthday dress ! Learn how to use Dress using many example sentences. fancy dress in a sentence - 14. This glass is breakable. She's just sitting in the room, in her white dress. CK 1 2240616 We're not dressed. They all looked up as Edith Shipton tentatively entered the room, dressed in Annie Quincy's antique dress. I felt such a strong urge to dress up in this, like a little girl trying to be someone she isn't—fishing in an attic trunk. Dogs make good pets. This pen is very expensive. They’ll go on holiday if they have time. He was in evening dress and hysterics. Closing her eyes, she leaned back, quickly sucking in a breath as his warm hands moved inside her dress and gently surrounded her waist. Although he lacked oratorical fluency, his short speeches, like his writings, were forceful; his plain dress and unassuming ways helped to make him extremely popular with the common people, in whom he had much greater faith than his cousin John had; and, above all, he was an eminently successful manager of men. The dress shifted around her as she hurried to the wardrobe. To have one's new car fully dressed. She spent the day in her room, in Annie's dress. 2. She helped Destiny into a frilly white dress with yellow trim and they both finished up with white sandals. Xander arranged her dress and hair with care. She flipped on the light and opened the dress box. She’ll cook dinner if you go to the supermarket. xxvii. The underlying conception shows itself under differing though not unrelated forms over western Asia, and in their light the question of religious and ceremonial dress is of great interest. It consisted of a short skirted coat with rows of metal buttons, a tricoloured waistcoat and red cap, and became the popular dress of the Jacobins. She’ll cook dinner if you go to the supermarket. Gives you the best and accurate meaning and sentence of dress to kill The political history is relatively slight and uneven, and the framework is rehandled in Chronicles upon more developed lines and from a later ecclesiastical standpoint, which suggests that many traditions of the monarchy were extant in a late dress. Dress Up Sentences. Translations of the phrase A LOVELY DRESS from english to german and examples of the use of "A LOVELY DRESS" in a sentence with their translations: That's a lovely dress , Celia. She wore a beautiful dress. After satisfying himself of Rolle's sanity, Dalton's father provided him with food and shelter and a hermit's dress. "I made an attempt to teach him to dress," the night-skinned man in front of her said as she met his gaze. The dress list of example sentences with dress. The Macedonian Peucestas received special marks of his favour for adopting the Persian dress. In Assam silk is still the national dress, and forms the common costume of the women, but the men are relinquishing it as an article of daily wear in favour of cotton. And then his fingers were unzipping her dress in the back – slowly and gently. Setting aside for the moment the less important, historically, of these, nearly all of which exist in Western civilization of the present day, it will be as well to consider that form of dress which is marked by the greatest evolution. A most objectionable class of male dancers also exists, who imitate the dances of the Ghawazi, and dress in a kind of nondescript female attire. His gaze ran over her dress and he lifted a brow. But as tribal names they invited explanation, and of the many characteristic traditions which were doubtless current a number have been preserved, though not in any very early dress. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. The tillak or peshwaz is a dress or robe the skirt and bodice of which are made in one piece, usually of red or other coloured material; it is common in Gujarat, Rajputana and the Sirsa district, and is the style usually adopted by nautch girls when dancing. At the age of nineteen he returned to his father's house, and, making a rough attempt at a hermit's dress out of two kirtles of his sister's and a hood belonging to his father, he ran away to follow the religious vocation. Basic 10 sentences 5 Advanced Sentences about dress in a sentence High quality example sentences with “formal dress” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. Hold s dress up in a sentence - Use "dress up" in a sentence 1. The man was dressed to kill in a tuxedo, hat, gold watch, and expensive shoes because he was going to accept an award. 6) tells us that in his own time the linen chiton of Ionia had again been discarded in favour of the Doric dress, and the monuments show that after the Persian wars a reaction against Orientalism showed itself in a return to simpler fashions. Two ladies are flying all the way from Boston to buy some old underwear, a yellow dress and a bunch of junk? The gray dress with the patches! There was an anxiety to avoid articles of dress peculiar to other religions, especially when these were associated with religious practices; and there was a willingness to refrain from costume contrary to the customs of an unsympathetic land. Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Dress | A Dress Sentence. Filter. Today it's warm, but after you've hugged ice for a few hours in the shade, you'll be glad you took time to dress sensibly. No, Mary, really this dress does not suit you. Serve on toast and dress with water cress. The national dress is the " tobe," a simple cotton sheet of two breadths sewn together, about 15 ft. From the wool which their sheep yield they manufacture every article of native dress and good blankets. 19. How to use dress in a sentence. She looked up at her husband as he began to dress "It's as if she's done something wrong and wants to talk about it but doesn't know how.". Edith hesitated, as if embarrassed but then sat next to Cynthia Dean, adjusting the dress behind her. His followers were known as the Brethren of Chelcic, and wore a distinctive dress. linked by jean_michel, … We dressed three chickens for the dinner. Ben is an adorable baby. [from 18thc.] The parcel contained a beautiful lavender dress, causing Cynthia to let out a slight gasp. She tucked the hourglass into the small pocket inside her dress at waist level. I want to marry that beautiful girl who is always dressed to kill. Ambiguity is when the meaning of a word, phrase, or sentence is uncertain. A loose woollen coat reaching to the knees, and bound round the waist by a thick fold of cotton cloth, forms the dress of the men; the women's dress is a long cloak with loose sleeves. She is said to have been the first to introduce into South Carolina (and into continental North America) the cultivation and manufacture of indigo, and she also imported silkworms-in 1753 she presented to the princess of Wales a dress made of silk from her plantations. The officers of the Church during the first few centuries of its existence were content to officiate in the dress of civil life, though their garments were expected to be scrupulously clean and of decent quality. A small tear was left where the strap had connected to her dress in the front. I didn't mean to imply that there was anything wrong with the way you dress. Like why did she bother to put her dress back on after she left me? dress to kill meaning, Definition in idioms dictionary. Honorine was in a dress that made her bewitching. At this period he also assumes a bridal dress, painted with blue and red tints. Natasha kept pulling everyone by sleeve or dress, urging them to "look at Papa!" Katie stopped fussing with her dress and her full attention riveted on Carmen's face. The dress was thick silk and moved like water as she pulled it free and held it against her. To dress a store window; to dress a Christmas tree. CK 1 2249415 Just get dressed. CK 1 1887550 I love that dress. 6.They haven’t gone to the shopping center. of consuetudo, custom, habit, manner, &c.), dress or clothing, especially the distinctive clothing worn at different periods by different peoples or different classes of people. The poor man could do nothing but dress himself and go sorrowing on his way. She made me a nice dress. Look at these sentences: Correct: I drove to the dance with Sally, Sam, and Tom. Epiphanes (176-165) the Hellenistic aristocracy contrived to get Jerusalem converted into a Greek city; the gymnasium appeared, and Greek dress became fashionable with the young men. one could sometimes suppose that the flounced dress with volants, well known in the Aegean area, had its parallel in Babylonia.'. It was not the dress, but the face and whole figure of Princess Mary that was not pretty, but neither Mademoiselle Bourienne nor the little princess felt this; they still thought that if a blue ribbon were placed in the hair, the hair combed up, and the blue scarf arranged lower on the best maroon dress, and so on, all would be well. In a fresh state it is poisonous and fatal to vegetation, and is often used for this reason to dress land infested with wireworms, grubs, club-root fungus, &c. Begin grafting in the third week; dig and dress between the rows of gooseberries, currants and other fruit trees, if not already done. Justin watched Sylvia diaper and dress little Todd. He speaks Finnish with Finns, Mongolian with Buriats, Ostiak with Ostiaks; he shows remarkable facility in adapting his agricultural practices to new conditions, without, however, abandoning the village community; he becomes hunter, cattle-breeder or fisherman, and carries on these occupations according to local usage; he modifies his dress and adapts his religious beliefs to the locality he inhabits. She is pleased with the dress. Perhaps I can get the smell out of that old dress. While this was being given, Prince Andrew heard the whisper of a woman's voice and the rustle of a silk dress behind the door. The semi-civilized aborigines, who adopted the Chinese language, dress and customs, were called Pe-pa-hwan (Anglice Pepo-hoans), while their wilder brethren bear the name of Chin-hwan or" green savages," otherwise Sheng-fan or " wild savages.". They got to dress up in beaded evening wear by Tomasz Starzewski. Hitherto the actor had walked the stage in modern dress. linked by alciono, October 27, 2011 #1466367 Ton chapeau va très bien avec ta robe. The official dress of the acolyte, according to Ordo V., was a close-fitting linen garment (camisia) girt about him, a napkin hanging from the left side, a white tunic, a stole (orarium) and a chasuble (planeta) which he took off when he sang on the steps of the ambone. Still, it sure would be nice to have someone open doors, send flowers, and compliment her on a nice dress or a job well done. He was very careful about his personal appearance, and paid an almost foppish attention to dress and gait. Examples of evening dress Margaret arrives in an evening dress, and comforts her. You wore that dress the same color as the blooming apple trees. To have one's new car fully dressed. She wore neither makeup nor jewelry, but her blouse and skirt demonstrated that she had made a half-hearted attempt to dress for company. It's just that this dress makes me—feel so emotional. Dean made a move toward her, but she scurried out the door with a loud laugh, still naked, dragging her white dress behind her. Then she added, "Did Edith wear her white dress when she came to...your bed?". 0:00. Stuck on your essay? The actress was elaborately dressed in a silk and fur dress for the Academy Awards ceremony. A because clause is words added to a sentence that begins with the word “because.” Example: The crowd surged through the door . She tore a hole in her dress. Tomorrow she needed to get up early and dress. She was wearing an ugly dress. He glanced at the dress and dropped into a chair at the table. A large part of the appeal is being able to dress up to the nines and wear a … A sentence must express a complete thought. As she brushed by him on her way to her room to dress, she asked over her shoulder. Lyons is the headquarters of the trade, principally in the production of dress fabrics, plain and figured, and other light and heavier fabrics. Her large blue-green eyes were clear and calm, the curves of her slender frame complemented by the cut and drape of the dress. "She put the white dress on because she was Annie Quincy when she died," Cynthia said. In Persia, the native aristocracy retained their power, and the Macedonian governor adopted Persian dress and manners (Diod. To dress ranks. To dress a store window; to dress a Christmas tree. "This is the dress that came with the letters," she explained to Edith. Activity: Rewrite the following sentences adding a Because Clause. Religious dress (whether of priests or worshippers) was regulated by certain fundamental ideas concerning access to the deity and its consequences. I’m no SEO expert, but I don’t think it’s necessary to have your keyword in the very first sentence; just the first paragraph is okay. SOUTANE, the French term adopted into English for a cassock especially used for the general daily dress worn by the secular Roman clergy in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. 2. Jessi turned away and waited for her to dress. The definition of 'dressing gown' & the word 'dressing gown' in example sentences or phrases. You don’t have to dress in a mad rushShe got a beautiful dress on. 7.Have they played the piano? This breast ornament finds analogies in the royal and high priestly dress of Egypt, and in the six jewels of the Babylonian king. linked by duran, April 26, 2011 #1201955 Tua chapelo konvenas bele tua kostumo. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. That's more of a stretch than trying to fit Gladys Turnbull in Annie's white dress. Dean sent two dress shirts with neckties and a card of congratula­tions but did not attend the ceremony. At his severe tone, she took another step back, ready to exit as fast as she could in the snug dress and high heels. 18. Aegina), the details of which are to all appearance legendary, in order to account for a change in the fashion of female dress which took place at Athens in the course of the 6th century B.C. Sound Improvisation Ppt, Layers Of Hair Cut, Terraria Cobalt Shield, Foo Fighters Color Shape, Houses For Rent Philomath, Eagle Bird Meaning In Malayalam, Noah Ritter Original Video, City Hall Clintonville Wi Phone Number, Ubc Social Psychology, Horus Greek Equivalent, Issp Stands For Information Security, Best Live Bait For Bass In Fall,

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