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The other boat ramps and hoist are located east of Florence on Highway 126 and 36. Early in the run concentrate fishing in lower Winchester Bay. Reedsport Skateboard Park is located at Lion's City Park. The Siuslaw is known as one of Oregon’s best fall Chinook systems. Siuslaw Bay and River. Softshell clams are the primary clams of interest in the Siuslaw River Estuary. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. There are some parking permit required to park at the beaches north of the North Jetty of the Siuslaw River. There's no special treatment for it, so again, the best treatment for this is prevention." 36 tracks the creek closely. Turn left onto Tiller-South Umpqua Rd / S Umpqua Rd and travel 2.6 miles to the Three C Rock launch. Turn right and the boat launch is at the end of the road.Â. Fishing in the Umpqua River Estuary and Winchester Bay: Chinook Salmon return to the Umpqua River in the spring and fall and to the Smith River in the fall. Fishing in the fly water can be productive throughout the season depending on river conditions -- optimal flows are from 1,500 cfs to about 5,500 cfs. For mountain bikers, the trails were designed to feature significant trail twisting, with narrow turns, steep downhill stretches, and trail features such as rock gardens, jumps and berms. While the sides and outlet end of the lake are flanked by steep, timber-covered slopes, the inlet end is flat pastureland of lakebed origin that became exposed as erosion reduced the height of the barrier at the outlet. Hi, my name is Mike Kelly. There are three other boat launching facilities a the Fern Ridge Resevior: Fern Ridge Shores RV Park, Fern Ridge Reservoir: SNW - Richardson Park boat ramp and Orchard Point Park Boat Launch. Construction began in 1978 and was completed in 1997 through the cooperative efforts of many dedicated volunteers, the Umpqua National Forest, Roseburg District Bureau of Land Management, and Douglas County Parks Department. There are two boat launches located above tidewater at Scott Creek and Sawyer Rapids.  The Scott Creek boat launch a day use park is located approximately 5 miles east of Scottsburg. The dune field is known for its wind-sculpted sand dunes towering 500 feet above sea level. Templin Beach Ramp a no use fee boat ramp operated by the City of Roseburg located in the Southeast section of the city at the corner of Templin Street and Arizona Street. This unique facility is an off-road enthusiast's dream. Dogs can show signs of neurological issues and vomiting. The South Umpqua Falls Campground is located approximately 13.4 miles up the road. Travel the short distance east on West Harvard Ave where it veers to the right onto SE Oak Ave to SE Stephens St. The Diamond Lake Campground - M Loop is located 2.1 miles down the Diamond Lake Loop from Hwy 138. Standard sites accommodate up to 20 people and five vehicles.  There are a few residential areas to the west of the lake, but most of the watershed is owned by private logging interests and William M Tugman State Park. Directions From US Hwy 101 just north of Reedsport, OR., turn east onto Smith River Road. Fishing generally takes place in shallow areas, near shore, and at places where stream channels enter the reservoir. The North End Boat Ramp is accessed by continuing 1/4 of a mile south on the Diamond Lake Loop and turning right into the parking area. Be sure to troll a plug cut herring with a tight spin and at speeds between 3 and 5 knots. Lake Creek (which flows down from Triangle Lake) has good steelhead fishing in the lower four miles down to Swisshome, and is one of northwest Oregon’s top small winter steelhead streams. Thirteen miles of Middle Creek and the South Fork of Middle Creek have been impacted, affecting macro-invertebrates, resident fish, coastal steelhead trout, and Oregon coastal Coho salmon. The best fishing for spiny rays in the creek occurs in the first mile below the dam. More Reports. This tributary to the Siuslaw River has good fishing in the lower reach below Green Creek. Call 541-498-2531 for additional information. Turn onto Tyee Rd to follow the road parallel to the Umpqua River until Tyee Rd splits and leaves the Umpqua River. Maybe that explains the justification used by Kalawatset Indians to attack members of Jedediah Smith's trapping party on Bolon Island. Bank fishing access improves above Smith River Falls, as landownership becomes BLM and private industrial. The Deadwood Boat Launch a use fee required boat launch is operated by Lane County. The fall huckleberries and blackberries are ripe for the picking. Turn right onto 3rd St. to River Road. Back bounce or Back troll with the outgoing tide using a plug cut herring, a walnut sized gob of salmon eggs topped with sand shrimp, bait wrapped Flatfish lures or spinners. Today the bar at the entrance to the bay can be dangerous to cross and the small boater has to use caution when considering crossing the bar or fishing in the jetty channel. or Ravenswood Rd. The Lagoon Trail, located 0.25 miles east of the trailhead, is a 1 mile loop around a wildlife-rich oxbow lake, an old arm of the Siltcoos River. Turn west to SE 1st. Killing and backing the crabs prior to cooking them shortens the total time it takes to cook and clean large numbers of crabs. There is a short stretch of county owned shoreline at the south end and the Department of Fish and Wildlife has provided a boat launching ramp. A vault toilet is on the trail. North Tenmile is a shallow lake with a mean depth of 11 feet and is gradually filling in with nutrient-rich sediment from the drainage basin. Off road access to the beach by motor vehicle gives the angler ability to move often to locate feeding surfperch and striped bass. The best boat fishing occurs when the North is between 4 to 7 feet or 1,688 to 6,400 cfs. Facilities available at the BLM site. As Willamette Valley Outfitters’ primary fishery, the Siletz River offers fantastic Salmon and Steelhead fishing year round. The problem is that solutions have not keep track with expectations. Annual park usage is 1 to 1.5 million recreational user-days. A parking permit is required at the second and third parking areas. At mile post 13.7 from Elkton Hwy 138 leaves the Umpqua River to Sutherlin. Coho salmon some Coho return to the Umpqua River Estuary in January and July. Building the lighthouse on the sand was a mistake and b 1861 erosion had undermined the lighthouse and it collapsed. The travel distance from the intersection of SE Stephens St. and Hwy 138 NE Diamond Lake Blvd. Amacher Park R/V Park and Campground is a fee to use boat ramp operated by Douglas County. North End Boat Ramp is no use fee boat launch operated by the U.S. Forest Service. Turn right onto West 11th Avenue (Highway OR-126). Triangle Lake (Wikimedia) : located on route 36 is located 25 miles west of Junction City. Located at 1645 Salmon Harbor Drive, Winchester Bay, OR 97467 off Highway 101 three miles south of Reedsport. The fishing is excellent for redtail surfperch and striped bass and the beach south to the North Jetty is a productive location to dig for razor clams. The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds Calibration of Estimates of Coho Spawner Abundance in the Smith River Basin, 2001 Monitoring Report No. Reference, "Hiking Around Reedsport". The overflow from Eel Lake then carried sand farther downstream and resumed delta formation in the lake occupying the submerged valley of Tenmile Creek. Call 541-271-3611 for additional information. The best fishing opportunities in the Mainstem begin after Thanksgiving and continue through early March. The Oregon State record for Coho salmon was taken from Siltcoos. 55. Clear Lake flows south in Edna Lake. Best River Levels The Siuslaw generally fishes pretty well at river levels between about 5 and 8 feet for typical steelhead methods. Bank anglers on the North and South Umpqua Rivers prefer drift fishing with a corky, yarn or egg rig. Lawson Bar is operated by the ODFW. Coho usually return to the Umpqua River Estuary from late August peaking in September and October before declining in November. Carpenter Bypass Trail System: Whether you rock your lycra loud and proud, don moldy flannel, or track frequent flier miles, you are bound to find stuff to post on your favorite social media account at this popular trail system. Effective bank fishing techniques are flow dependent but include swinging spinners and spoons across riffles, drifting a bobber and bait or jig, plunking, and bouncing a corky and bait along the bottom. Just east of Swisshome, Highway 36 continues toward Triangle Lake and Eugene parallel to Lake Creek. Turn right onto NE Diamond Lake Blvd (Hwy 138). 198.1 Siltcoos River access and access to the ocean beach is gained by turning west from Highway 101 into the Siltcoos entrance of the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area, the Siltcoos Beach Access Rd. Check the ODFW Regulations of opening dates and daily bag limit requirments. The upland area of the drainage basin is primarily covered by forest and is almost totally in private ownership, as is the shoreline of the lake. 224.3 The Spinreel Campground at Tenmile Creek provides easy access to the beach by off road vehicles to the sand dunes and to the beach by ATVs to Horsefall Beach. Excellent fishing abounds as the clear water flows through stands of recently planted & towering old growth 200 ft. 400 year old Douglas Fir trees. A boat ramp is located on-site. The hiking difficulty is rated as moderate. For additional information call 800-720-6339. Starry Flounder fishing is fair during spring and poor for the rest of the year. The delta extended itself across the lake to the south shore and farther upstream and downstream. Bluebill Campground is located in the Horsfall Area, known for its excellent off-road vehicle trails. 193.4 Cleawox Lake is an 82 acre lake located south of Florence on the west side of Highway 101 at the Jessy M. Honeyman State Park. The larger mature striped bass enter the estuary followed by schools of smaller striped bass feeding heavily on spawning herring from middle of March into early April. 232.8 The Trans Pacific Parkway provides access to Horsfall Beach, North Beach and the west shore of Coos Bay. Boat access below the falls is available at the Wasson Creek Bridge, a drift boat slide near Dailey Creek, a wayside just above Doe Creek, and an unimproved boat slide just below the falls. Contact the District Office of ODFW at Roseburg, 541-440-3353, for more information on fishing techniques, and up-to-date fishing conditions. Pileperch, striped seaperch, walleye surfperch, redtail surfperch and white seaperch enter Winchester Bay in spring. All vehicles both street legal and off road must display a red flag on the end of a nine foot whip antenna and carry a class–A fire extinguisher to access the off road areas of the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area. Click on Digging Softshell Clams on Umpqua River Estuary to view the video showing one of the best methods for digging softshell clams. The name is from an Indian word that is said to mean "many arms". Ranges mark the preferred depth channel, but depending on conditions they do not mark the best route to follow. Boaters should use extreme caution when operating near this bar. The Lower Drift Take-Out is located 26.2 miles from Hwy 101 on the Lower Smith River RD. Myrtle Creek boat slide is operated by the City of Myrtle Creek. Information Report 2000-04. Travel 26.4 miles to the Recreation Site at Smith River Falls. We modified the travel distance directions to begin from the intersection of SE Stephens St and Hwy 138 NE Diamond Lake Blvd. Ford's Bridge is operated by the ODFW. The entrance to the Forest Service, Tyee Campground and boat launch is located 100 feet to right upon entering Pacific Ave. Even though I caught over 100 plus Dungeness crabs I only managed to take 2 legal crabs using 2 Crab Max crab traps. Low water levels and heavy weeds have made fishing the creek difficult by mid-summer of recent years. However, there are crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass and trout in small numbers. During a time of coastal submergence which accompanied post-glacial warming, the whole system underwent a period of readjustment. Off-road vehicle enthusiasts flock to the campground to cruise the surrounding dunes. We did not catch any keeper sized crabs but only 2 keeper sized crabs were taken while we were there. Snowy plovers are a threatened species of small coastal bird that has a designated nesting habitat within Oregon Dunes Recreation Area. Again, although these hatchery fish will be available in the Mainstem and North Umpqua, they will compose a small percentage of the steelhead in those basins. 232.8 Horsfall Beach is located above North Beach. It’s within two miles of the turn. 190.5? If and I assume your fishing the upper river and if you tie your own flies, try a #10 Bloody Muddler or if you don't tie, use just a #10 Muddler for trout.You can't miss. Reference, "Hiking Around Reedsport". Go west on Del Rio Road three miles. The Diamond Lake Campground - C Loop is located 2.1 miles down the Diamond Lake Loop from Hwy 138. Douglas County Fairgrounds is a no use fee boat launch. The South Umpqua River parallels the road providing recreational access to the river. 191.7 Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area. The crabbing from Siuslaw Bay public crabbing dock located at the end of the South Jetty Road is excellent from late spring until the freshwater from winter rains force the crabs out into the ocean. Crabbing from the deep water channel at the confluence of the north fork of the Siuslaw River seaward ranges from fair to good in late summer and fall with lots of juvenile crabs in the mix. During the Spring of 2015 I went to both the beach at the North Jetty and the beach at the Driftwood Shores Resort to dig razor clams. The Oregon Health Authority has issued a permanent advisory for the South Umpqua River and Lawson Bar. The trail can be wet, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes. Happy Valley Boat Launch Exit I-5 at exit 119 onto Coos Bay-Roseburg Hwy. Digging clams in the Siuslaw River Estuary is limited to the huge population of softshell clams in addition to limited population of purple varnish clams and an even smaller population of Bay Clams. The travel distance from the intersection of SE Stephens St. and Hwy 138 NE Diamond Lake Blvd. Black rockfish and blue rockfish fishing is poor during heavy freshwater runoff from November through February. 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