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The Demon Realm Grand Elder is called. She is Jin Mi. Related Series N/A ... What a masochist I am. He still loves Zi Fen and wants to treat her daughter well. Then Jin Mi is summoned by King Yi who entertains her with a story-telling session. Sui He is increasingly frustrated and losing hope that she will ever have the chance to be with Xu Feng. A year later, they have a son, Bai Lu. JM: You have to care about humans fighting too? Run Yu learns from the Emperor that nature’s laws can be merciless. If I have time, I’ll edit the summaries into detailed recaps. Hi! Don’t leave me again. Ashes of Love has a stellar cast. The author of the novel was involved in writing the script and she said it’s 90% similar to the novel. Pu Chi is also in the Mortal Realm to try to kill Xu Feng on the orders of the Lord of Dong Ting Lake. She places herself in between the warring Xu Feng and Run Yu. So I know it later says everything that has happened 500 years later so she should be inmortal because of that, but their son said it has only been 7 years? Lord Doumu: JM was protected by the ash. *** PROLOGUE *** The cold moon illuminated the deepest of night, the night of first frost. The Emperor recalls Xu Feng to the Heavenly Realm before he can investigate further to expose King Gu Cheng. Maybe she was wearing for sentimental reasons? She is strict towards Jin Mi and disallows her to leave the Floral Realm which has been sealed off from the outside world. However, Luo Lin is not agreeable as things are not as simple as it seems. For example the relationship of the stepfather to the older son in Dragon Prince. Now that I have just found out that this is a novel, I would love to give the book to her as a bday gift. When Mu Ci knows he has been tricked, he backtracks to look for Pu Chi. RY leaves after speaking like Lord Doumu . Pu Chi then brings Run Yu to Dong Ting Lake. Xu Feng dies with a tear in his eye. His tribe had been exterminated by King Gu Cheng and false information disseminated to frame them as betrayers of the Demon Realm. But he leaves her again when he knows they couldn’t possibly be together since he is under the Empress’ control. She was imprisoned within Shui Jing until Xu Feng, heavenly emperor's second sun enters it mistakenly. JM was looking at XF, the person in her heart. He is caught when he helps Pu Chi to escape. Qi Yuan’s previous identity is Mu Ci. She can’t threaten him because he too knows her secret. I watched the ending again, and it seems I was mistaken about the 500 years. He is afraid the Water Immortal may have been in cahoots with the Rat Immortal. The Emperor expresses regret to the Water Immortal over his past mistake. Their love remains strong as they hope to happily spend Mu Ci’s remaining days. She said: “Everyone will meet two people in their life. The series premiered on Jiangsu TV starting August 2, 2018.. As of January 2019, the series has reached over 15 billion views. In the end, they learn that King Yan Cheng has been poisoned by a special type of grass which has been arranged by King Gu Cheng. The Water Immortal appears to stop the battle and save the Empress. He also tells Run Yu that Jin Mi is someone they cannot have. [Note: Woot woot, JM’s father has been reincarnated as her father in the Human Realm. When she told him she loved him, he threatened to kill her, but if she says it again he would forgive her. Run Yu wants to form an alliance with King Bian Cheng to get rid of King Gu Cheng. Ep60 – Three years later when XF living as a mortal in the hut he and JM shared, RY visited him.. Is the bump on XF thumb (as XF reached for wine bottle) really from JM ash spot she got from D.Lord (fortune visit with her water deity father) and that’s how JM entered his soul when she died (they held hands that glowed briefly) to eventually heal the XF’s cold element in his body that made him suffer? In the US for example, children grow up and move away from their parents. She tries to convince him about Sui He’s crimes. Very logical Ildge. Love your comments and insight that totally makes sense. So, Jin Mi continues to go to the Demon Realm to quietly see Xu Feng. It stars Yang Zi and Deng Lun in the lead roles. JM appears. The former Empress is locked up in the terrace where Zi Fen jumped to her death. You’re right. He came up from the bottom of the lake because he didn’t want to go through the sufferings anymore. Pu Chi then reports back to the Lord of Dong Ting Lake that he has failed to get back the arrow. Hidden away by her mother, the Floral Goddess, the naïve Jinmi is drawn to Xufeng, the Heavenly Emperor's son. I almost wish the book was translated into english. Using her as a shield, Xu Feng escapes. - The daughter of the Flower and Water deities. She tells him that his mother was dead when Li Lake was burnt down years ago. She confronts Run Yu who tells her that he will investigate. He tells Run Yu that he has no interest in being the Emperor but Run Yu reminds him that he has no control over the decision. Liu Ying couldn’t find Mu Ci. She and Zi Fen are like sisters. He is prepared to have a short life and lose his powers rather than having a life with no dignity. While Jin Mi is grateful, she could not love him the way he wanted because she only love Xu Feng. Jin Mi brings him back to the Floral Realm. My fate is in my hands. Sui He also wants to work with King Gu Cheng to get back her Bird Tribe but they couldn’t agree on the terms. Princess Sui He is King Yi’s cousin and is madly in love with him. Release year: 2018. XF: Just wildflowers and can’t compare to the flowers at your place. Liu Ying warns Mu Ci that he will be her enemy if he carries the plan to kill her friend. The book didn’t say anything about XF’s thumb. Ashes of Love (2018) Plot. Run Yu is sad and disappointed that he is unwanted and was abandoned by his mother. But as she rejects Xu Feng, her heart is aching again. King Yi is aware of what is going on and asks Jin Mi to give him a dire health pronouncement to fool Lord Nan Ping into lowering his guard. She manages to get the elixir but comes out of the prison to a waiting Sui He. Xu Feng tries to stop him. My third cnovel after DMY and Song in the Clouds and truly love the hilarious begining part of the novel in contrast to SIC. Mom said there are many pretty wives in the lake. Lin Xiu treats Jin Mi like her own daughter. Su Li dies from the hit. Run Yu asks Pu Chi about the Immortality Destructing Arrow and why the Rat Immortal had taken the blame for him. But I know many fans have re-watched this drama a few times. JOIN NOW. Frankly speaking, I’m late to Ashes Of Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜). And still heiress after she reincarnated ? Pu Chi is saved with the Nine Beast Child elixir. She confronts Run Yu because she knows the Reviving Elixir must have been tampered with. RY: Have you opened the box? Mar 27, 2019 - Title: Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost (香蜜沉沉烬如霜) Episode Count: 63 Discussion: Episode 1-15; Episode 16-44; Episode 45-63 Where to watch: Viki (subbed); Youtube (Raw) Finally finished this drama!! - She is naive and kind, and does not understand the true meaning of "love" due to the forbidden love pill implanted in her at birth by her mother who calculated that she would experience a love trial in the first 10,000 years of her life.” All he remembers is that she had said that she doesn’t love him. —Smokyy007. Mu Ci is from the Immortality Destruction Tribe. In desperation, Jin Mi uses her cultivation to try to create the rattan plant. Thank you so much for posting this . Three years. In one of the visits, he foils Mu Ci’s attempt on her life. Run Yu assures her that he will get to the bottom of it. Mu Ci slashes him with the arrow and he dies. Ildge, Thank you again for the wonderful explanation. Then we see a frost flower with a missing petal floating upward to the sky. Run Yu is depressed over his mother’s death. But he broke his promise and abandoned King Gu Cheng instead. Jin Mi is allowed to ascend to be an immortal. While Jin Mi couldn’t feel the same love that she had felt for Xu Feng previously, her heart still aches whenever she rejects him. But King Gu Cheng tries to convince King Yan Cheng that they should not let the Heavenly Realm keep dictating to them. JM: I’ve always been with you. Season 1 . He questions her. Xu Feng asks Chief Peony not to blame Jin Mi as he is the one who took her away from Floral Realm and caused the misunderstanding. Her wedding to Run Yu is scheduled in 3 days’ time. He also suspects that Jin Mi has been controlled by a pill the way he had been when he was given one to forget his memories. She goes to the Floral Realm to look for her. After living together for 100years he falls in love with that ignorant Jin Mi. The Empress cannot accept that her husband has not been faithful to her and doesn’t love her when she had sacrificed a lot for him. Campus Fantasy Historical Modern Mystery Republican Era Time Travel. I and the Nightmare Beast will always be with you. Pu Chi is getting worried that she will go mad. Run Yu appears to console her. Liu Ying then colludes with them and dresses the unconscious Jin Mi as the bride instead. Still no news? Run Yu tells Xu Feng that he and Jin Mi could easily kill him a second time. Episodes Ashes of Love. Que paso con el Sr puchi y el tío casamentero?? Lord Nan Ping is planning to overthrow King Yi. Personally, I prefer the earlier production because the story is more straightforward to me. Jin Mi then confronts the former Empress and tells her that she had killed Xu Feng to avenge her father’s death. When Xu Feng hears about it, he asks Dan Zhu to tie his fate with Jin Mi’s and jumps in after her. King Bian Cheng suggests that he becomes the Demon Ruler as King Gu Cheng will only bring chaos to the world. Both sides refuse to back down and the war starts. Tai and Qian Lake began to be hostile towards each other and the water tribes in the region fell apart. A mystical barrier appeared around her and saved her. They go back to Floral Realm to obtain the Pengyu plant but none is available. He is also unable to win Jin Mi’s heart. According to King Bian Cheng, the token that Liao Yuan had passed to Liu Ying belongs to an Elder of the Demon Realm. He reminds the Emperor to be fair in his handling of the matter. They couldn’t find him anywhere. Run Yu tries to discourage Xu Feng from pursuing Jin Mi by bringing up the Water Immortal’s disdain for the Emperor and Empress. As the bridal party makes its way through a forest, a phoenix appears and scares everyone away. Liao Yuan finds Mu Ci and sends him to Liu Ying in the Demon Realm. Hard to answer if you haven't watched the 3 series. King Gu Cheng seeks Run Yu’s help to take back his position as the Demon Ruler. Is Jin mi human?She was borned in human land.So she has to die one day cause she is human??? For 3 years, her primordial spirit had lived in Xu Feng’s eyes. In the scene which first showed JM’s reincarnation as she was about to marry into the Prime Minster’s family, the villagers talked about how obsessed she was with cultivation. JM: I won’t ever leave you again, Phoenix!! RY leaves. The Flower Chiefs activate the Flower Hall of Time to save JM. Xu Feng denies it and promises to look for Jin Mi. Run Yu also has interest in Jin Mi. Pu Chi tries to talk her out of it but she has decided to go ahead as she knows Run Yu has sacrificed a lot for her. However, despite getting to be the Emperor, Run Yu still thinks of Xu Feng. Xu Feng makes a request to Run Yu to break off his engagement to Jin Mi but he refuses. Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 . Liu Ying informs Xu Feng about the happenings in Floral Realm. But the Empress wants to kill both of them instead for going against her. I was wrong. Such a lovely romantic story! Hola una pregunta ¿Jinmi se vuelve inmortal cuando tiene a su hijo o sigue siendo mortal y solo se reencuentra con xufeng en cada reencarnación? Luo Lin has taken her to see his teacher earlier. Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost by Dian Xian at A sacred fire will be needed to burn the silkworms inside Mu Ci’s body to cure him. King Bian Cheng proposes that Xu Feng be appointed the new Demon Ruler. XF: Hasn’t happened again. - A grape sprite, whose real identity is a six-petal frost flower fairy. But I know many fans have re-watched this drama a few times. But the Emperor warns the Water Immortal not to disappoint him and abuse the trust between them. She assumes he is a bandit while he plays deaf and mute to avoid questioning since he is unsure of her intentions. However, Jin Mi is protected by the pill implanted by her mother although it is starting to crack from the blow. Together with the Rat Immortal, they create a disturbance during the banquet and expose Jin Mi’s identity. The person who can create flowers is JM because she’s the daughter of the previous Flower Deity. The story begins with Barnum as the young son of a tailor, dreaming of a successful life in the circus. She summons the glass fire spell to hit Jin Mi which confirms that she is Luo Lin and Lin Xiu’s murderer. Thank you. However, Pu Chi is not happy to see Run Yu’s transformation as he is seeing signs that he will end like his mother. It contains paintings of their times together. Tai Wei was jealous and raped her. Xu Feng’s feelings for Jin Mi is getting stronger. !, entonces son inmortales viviendo vida simple en el reino humano!!!! By the end of the drama, we know that JM has become immortal and assumed her father’s position as Water Deity. Here's a breakdown of The Greatest Showman's ending and how the story of P.T. Xu Feng could see that Jin Mi is looking at them. She is willing to let him go back to Liu Ying if he fulfills his mission. Time freezes and JM appears before XF. There are a lot of nuances in Chinese dramas. A few moments later, Jin Mi also passes away. I only did episodes 1-20, then 60-63. He leaves it to God’s will if the arrow would fall and kill Xu Feng or otherwise. In my opinion, the one “living in” JM’s heart has always been XF because she has always loved him, just him and no one else. He asks Kuang Lu to follow him. King Yi dresses Jin Mi in wedding clothes. He asks if she is happy. The Rat Immortal and Pu Chi are partners. XF: Too bad. The Emperor also wants the wedding date between Run Yu and Jin Mi to be quickly fixed. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites or the second one (Runyu) lives far away from her heart or literally from her? The relationship between XF/JM and RY would probably be cordial but distant. The latter helped him to become the Emperor. He wants her and confesses his feelings but she can’t agree to his request. The old man leaves him with a token of appreciation and promises to help him should the need arises in the future. He discovers that she is always going to the River of Unmindfulness and reports to Run Yu that Xu Feng might still be alive. XF: In this life in this lifetime, forever, you can only be my wife. Mu Ci is finally able to craft the arrow as he doesn’t want to break his promise to marry Liu Ying with their wedding day approaching. The Moon Immortal relates Jin Mi’s sacrifices to resurrect him. Allow us to explain how the best rated PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War plays out. Liu Ying then appears to tell her that they have changed back the stone to the real one. Jin Mi is relieved as long as Xu Feng is safe. Ya lo entendí!!!!! I can also understand when he turns bad. Sui He has gone insane. Liu Ying doesn’t know who the owner might be until Mu Ci utters the Empress’s name in his delirium. Xu Feng warns Sui He not to harm Jin Mi. Hi. Ashes To Ashes co-creator Matthew Graham has described last night's final episode. It’s hard for us to meet again, but we’ve separated again. Ashes of Love (Chinese prequel) Native Title: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜2 Also Known As: Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang , Heavy Sweetness , Ash-like Frost , 香蜜沉沉燼如霜 , Love when the stars fall , Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang 2 , xiangmichenchenjinrushuang2 With Qiong Qi in the Heavenly Emperor’s hands, the Demon Realm has lost a bargaining chip. During the fight, Mu Ci throws the arrow at Jin Mi but is blocked by Qiang Huo. Run Yu and Xu Feng fight him off. The Moon Immortal rushes to tell Xu Feng about Jin Mi’s sacrifices to resurrect him. This will give them the opportunity to kill Jin Mi. The time and place of the meeting coincides with his death. Both Run Yu and Xu Feng are reluctant to give up Jin Mi to the other. She also feels strangely pained when she sees Sui He kissing an unconscious Xu Feng after taking a blow to protect his mother. Jin Mi finally awakens. At the same time, Chief Peony sends Lao Hu to look for Jin Mi who has been missing from the Floral Realm. It stars Yang Zi and Deng Lun in the lead roles. He is stopped by Liu Ying. The antidote would be the rare Pengyu plant which can be found in Floral Realm. But Xu Feng is unwilling. Liu Ying quickly gets over Mu Ci’s death as she is pregnant with his child. The Emperor questions the Water Immortal over Su Li. Xu Feng tries to meet Jin Mi again but is stopped by Chief Peony. Try your best to compensate for your mistakes. I became the untouchable Heavenly Emperor. The Emperor has been tolerating his wife’s behavior to appease her anger and make up for his wrong-doings. Loved it, but felt like it was like the same tragedy on repeat a few times. She has Jin Mi grounded and Liu Ying forced out of Floral Realm. Oh look, who else could it be but our beloved arrogant Phoenix!!! This drama has a number of heart wrenching scenes, I still cry when I re-watch. Mu Ci decides that he wants to kill all the silkworms in his body and pleads with Xu Feng to use his fire spell on him. As for as I know, Yang Zi and Deng Lun won’t be in the sequel. She tells him that she will not bother him anymore once he takes it. Zi Fen’s speciality was summoning flowers while Lin Xiu can summon the wind. Or the relationship between Star Lord and his foster father. So, the Water Immortal ended up marrying the Wind Immortal. When Sui He visits the Empress in the prison, the latter transfers all of her powers to the former. Run Yu continues to be the Heavenly Emperor. The change in her emotions after her return from the Mortal Realm is a clue. Xu Feng is dead. The Moon Immortal suggests that they send Xu Feng instead. This story picks up shortly after the end of the series finale, episode 63, in the television series "Ashes of Love" "Xiāng mì chénchén jìn rú shuāng" 香蜜沉沉烬如霜, (based upon the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian). She met a handsome disciple from Mount Kunlun and will go to Kunlun to convince him to marry her. JM: Even though I still can’t see colors, Phoenix’s gaze and my son’s smile are the most beautiful scene in my heart, far more beautiful than any scenes in the world. The Valley of Ashes First introduced in Chapter 2, the valley of ashes between West Egg and New York City consists of a long stretch of desolate land created by the dumping of industrial ashes. The Moon Immortal is distressed about what happened to Xu Feng and the Heavenly Realm. SH has gone crazy. The teacher predicted her death but also gave her the ashes of Brahma as protection. He also warns Run Yu that his actions could end up hurting Jin Mi. The 3 of them live happily in the Mortal Realm. but it definitely counts as a hit drama for the summer. The Floral Realm is still bitter about the death of their Goddess and has chosen to isolate themselves from the rest of the realms. They use a fake Liu Ying to threaten him. Ashes Lyrics: What's left to say? The End. However, Jin Mi is non-committal when Run Yu brings up their relationship with her. When the deer spits out some dream bubbles, Jin Mi happens to see that Run Yu had manipulated the pill in her heart. But Jin Mi is ignorant of love and romance and sees Xu Feng as bossy. At JM and XF’s house in the Human Ream. Episode 9 – 11 : Escaping From Floral Realm, Episode 20 – 25 : Meeting In The Mortal Realm, Episode 26 – 28 : Neutralizing Lord Nan Ping, Episode 34 – 36 : Back To The Heavenly Realm, Episode 57 – 59 : Run Yu’s Manipulation Exposed. I’ll definitely find you. She is from the Dragonfish Tribe in Tai Lake. Pu Chi is sad that the Rat Immortal has died. Jin Mi tries to tell everyone to stop but nobody listens. Su Li was saved by the Water Immortal who set her up at Dong Ting Lake. Now that Run Yu’s future wife is Jin Mi, it means he will have the backing of the Water Immortal and Floral Realm. My understanding is JM was born human and through cultivation became immortal. Jin Mi takes it from Lord Lao but didn’t know that it has been tampered. Jin Mi has grown up to be a beautiful but naive and innocent sprite. She forced her to jump to her death at Lin Yuan Terrace. Sui He now has the mother silkworm to control Mu Ci. His former soldiers also drop their weapon to let him go. But all she feels is an inexplicable pain in her heart. The demons can sense that the Immortality Destruction Tribe is not yet extinct. Jin Mi tells Xu Feng that they can’t be together although she is only marrying Run Yu to keep others happy. She’s waiting for you where you first fell in love. Jin Mi is reluctant to follow Lao Hu back to the Floral Realm. Xu Feng is actually afraid of the truth as he wouldn’t know how to face Jin Mi then. This causes Jin Mi to only have black and white vision which is unsuitable for a future leader of the Floral Realm. Tangyue: That’s the story of my parents. Liu Ying learns that Mu Ci is working for the Empress when she sees him meeting up with Sui He. XF holds JM. Xu Feng is grounded as punishment for following Jin Mi to the Mortal Realm. After XF cried, JM appeared and then disappeared. But Run Yu has helped Jin Mi to escape and hides her in his palace. *SPOILERS* Deng Lun and Yang Xi share the perfect happy ending in Ashes of Love! As she is in mourning, the Emperor announces that her marriage to Run Yu will be delayed for 3 years. He is also tasked to oversee the Tai Lake which Yin Que has given up as a sign of the Bird Tribe’s loyalty to the Heavenly Realm. Run Yu leaves the Demon Realm and vows never to step into the territory again. From an American point of view, this is painful, but ultimately the right thing to do, and turning on his own father is a heroic sacrifice. But then Lian Chao is sent to war with the Demon Realm. Run Yu is also interested in Jin Mi and goes out of his way to make her happy. Sorry, I don’t know Spanish so I have to reply to you in English. She thinks the Bird Tribe may have kidnapped Jin Mi and picks a fight with them. So if he knew that was her all along then why did he not go see her sooner before she got engaged or the wedding day? The Emperor is investigating the murder of the Water and Wind Immortals. Xu Feng is devastated and blames himself for Jin Mi’s death. Hey, anyone know what the significance is of Tangyue’s assertion that Runyu is the only one in the world who remember’s [Tangyue’s] name? The attacker disappears when he learns that Jin Mi is no ordinary mortal. The Flower Realm brings a new flower that’s been created by JM. While she does so, she also warns that Jin Mi is facing death ahead of her. King Gu Cheng tries to sow mistrust between King Yan Cheng and the Heavenly Realm. Run Yu injures Xu Feng when the latter’s hand turns icy again. The Emperor and Water Immortal are stunned that Jin Mi looks like Zi Fen. Lioa Yuan also gives the token that he receives from an old man while in the Mortal Realm to Liu Ying. He wants him to live to atone for his sins. He uses the knowledge to try to maneuver himself into the good books of the Water Immortal and makes Jin Mi his wife. Xu Feng appears and knocks the arrow away and saves Jin Mi. His wife encourages him to go and look for her at the Floral Realm. However, the flowers are grey instead of red but she couldn’t see since she is now color blind. However, when the Phoenix Feather reached JM, it turned into wings. [Note: At first I was disappointed because where’s the sea of flowers as described in the book? King Yi asks Jin Mi to wait for him to come back from the war and he will make her his Queen. Her father proposes that she is made an immortal but is stopped by rules and traditions. Jin Mi’s ability to summon water and her body’s negative reaction to the fire power transferred by the Emperor gives the Water Immortal the confirmation that she is his daughter. He is forced to craft the Immortality Destructing Arrow. What to do? XF appears. Lord of Dong Ting Lake is angry that Xu Feng has not been killed. He also destroy half of his powers as repayment to Siu He for everything that she has done for him. Run Yu’s soldiers are defeated by Xu Feng’s army. But when the Rat Immoral brings up Su Li, the Emperor quickly puts an end to the hearing and kills him. I have my own of thoughts on this production which I will detail in my Ashes Of Love review. Of course, you are happy. King Yi refuses to grant Jin Mi her request to leave the palace to go back to her tribe. I’m confused with the ending. The drama might not be clear, but the book the drama is based on makes it clear JM only loved XF. But the Rat Immortal claims that he is working alone. "In ancient times, the Flower Goddess dies after giving birth to a daughter named Jin Mi. Thank you, it’s so appreciated Ildge! When Run Yu finds out that Xu Feng is in the Mortal Realm with Jin Mi, he is angry. It’s fated we would separate. But Jin Mi knows her time is up soon. However, Xu Feng still thinks of his past with Jin Mi at times. Pu Chi helps Jin Mi to escape the Heavenly Realm by transforming himself to look like Run Yu. While they are hding in Run Yu’s palace, Jin Mi appears. Tangyue: But I haven’t fished for a wife yet. Liu Ying follows him and grabs off his mask. Then King Yi also shows up and Mu Ci has to abandon his plans. Jin Mi takes in the object without hesitation. I’m seeing that Chinese ideas about filial duty are very different, like when Xu Feng begs to be punished in place of his mother after finding out that she has murdered other gods. She is also annoyed when she finds out that the sprite everybody is looking for is actually Jin Mi who is ignorant of her own importance and status. Xu Feng also checks out the site that Sui He fought with Jin Mi earlier and finds evidence of the glass fire spell having been used. But Mu Ci is unwilling to accept her back. He also accuses the Empress of abusing her powers to strengthen the Bird Tribe. Run Yu also comes to know about Jin Mi’s request for the elixir. Jin Mi then runs away from Xu Feng. King Gu Cheng tries to sow further discord between King Yan Cheng and Xu Feng. XF visits Chief Mudan in the Flower Realm. With the Immortality Destructing Arrow, Pu Chi could easily kill King Yi. He subsequently bars Jin Mi from leaving her residence by setting up a barrier. However, she still rejects his advances due to her obligation to her tribe rules to stay chaste. Jin Mi gives Xu Feng a petal plucked from her true form of a flower which he deposits in his heart. Regardless, a few things about the ending that really confused me is. Jin Mi has to use her powers to cultivate it. The time of Jin Mi’s birth was purposely altered to hide her true identity. When Xu Feng is resurrected, the sky is lit up with a fiery phoenix. Jin Mi falls unconscious and would die from carrying the Light of Xuan Qiong from Snake Mountain. This gives Mu Ci hope and he ends up spending a night with Liu Ying. Kuang Lu is sad about Run Yu and Jin Mi’s wedding but pretends to be happy for him. Tu Yao realizes she had made wrong choices in life. For a shorter drama, you can also check out Love Of Thousand Years although the way the story is told pales in comparison to the earlier dramas I have mentioned. At the same time, absorbing water allowed her to build back her soul and eventually, she became strong enough to escape because she didn’t need a host anymore. But the happiness is short-lived. My thinking is about if JM actually became inmortal after her reincarnation, I read your explanation in one of the first comments, but in the series their son says that his father married his mother and 2 years later he was born, and since that it has been 7 years…. She also bumps into Pu Chi who introduces her to all the fun and not so innocent activities of the mortals. She indirectly exposes herself. Liu Ying also chimes in that she will never betray Xu Feng. Pu Chi informs Jin Mi about Xu Feng’s exploits in the Demon Realm. Liu Ying and Mu Ci try to rescue King Bian Cheng from being executed. It’s normal for adults to live close to or with their parents, and they are expected to take care of their parents. That is when Jin Mi realizes that Sui He is her father and Lin Xiu’s murderer. So, I finally dedicated some time to sit through it and the drama recap is as below. he feeds him the Reviving Elixir. She tells Jin Mi not to be sad as she will be gone for good this time. Jin Mi’s naivete makes things worse. But he he has since been living in seclusion at Snake Mountain which is a dangerous place filled with poisonous snakes. He tells Run Yu that he should take responsibility for what he fought for. He seals her up in her residence. He then reminds Marcia another time of the fact that she did actually enjoy much about the life of her son, even though she would’ve wanted it to last longer, then expresses the sentiment that it is better to be happy and enjoy something for a short time, rather than not being happy and enjoying it at all. Don’t know why the author wrote the story this way, probably to make it dramatic to have XF and JM meet again on the day she’s supposed to marry someone else. From their conversation, Jin Mi learns that Run Yu has known all along that her father’s killer is Sui He but he hides it from her. Run Yu offers to go to the Demon Realm to resolve the matter as the trouble there could threaten the Heavenly Realm. She becomes agitated. King Bian Cheng could only expend his powers to keep him safe for a while. XF: I’ve arrived. The chiefs of the Floral Realm decide to let Xu Feng assume that they share the same father. Medication Reconciliation Meaning In Malayalam, River Oaks Texas Apartments, Influenza History Timeline Deaths, Brown County, Tx Warrant List, Things To Do In Springfield Oregon, Nami Zoom Meetings, Can Taking Vitamin B12 Cause Heart Palpitations, Goodbye To A World Silvagunner, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Pool, Zaditor Eye Drops, Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar, Sanganer Jaipur,

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