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Maggie has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, is *almost* done with the New Hampshire 48 4,000-footers, has developed backpacking routes in the Utah high desert, and spent the past five years testing gear and working professionally in the outdoor industry. You can see for miles. Where in town could they stay? Ralph had brought Joel’s pith helmet along, and now he turned it upside down, filled it with water, and placed it beside her. His head rested on the fire ring. (Photo: Courtesy White County Sheriff's Office). He was still going to let her go, Ralph said. She’d just met him. Polson in 1970, about the time he rode from Hartsville, South Carolina to Kent, Ohio. Just as likely, this is where he’d kill her. She might, the woman replied. She knew where he lived. The straps carved into his shoulders, and he couldn’t get the hipbelt to ride comfortably. Why does this feel oddly like a dating profile? Inevitably, his interest in the outdoors and arcane gear fused into a new passion: Joel started talking about hiking the Appalachian Trail. the white blaze of the at is clearly visible on the rock in the foreground. At the same time, Ralph threw off his blanket and stepped out of the shelter. When they do, she can revisit those days with almost clinical detachment. The previous year, just 93 people completed a through-hike of the entire trail, and the feat did not yet inspire the public’s imagination. A car pulled over. She did a lot of thinking. The next day they took another bus into the mountains and caught a ride to the trailhead at Tesnatee. And two, she would not be returning to USC in the fall. He remained a quiet misfit. However, on average, people cross 10 to 15 miles every day. That’s about 47.3 people per day. I think it’s safe to say that we can move on. Still, Joel was difficult to overlook at Hartsville High. When Sheriff Baker asked him whether Joel was “a friendly type of fellow,” Ralph replied: “I didn’t talk to him much.”, Thompson: “Did you need the gear, the camping equipment and all that—is that the purpose?”, Thompson: “Did you get into an argument, some kind of argument, or anything?”, “No,” Ralph told him, “just something—I’ll have to wait for a lawyer.”. And I’ll kill you first. He killed time while Margaret wrapped up her classes. This means, that with my math brain, 25% of thru-hikers reported meeting a strange person while on the trail. He had her demonstrate that she could reach both with her mouth. While she gave her statement, Joel’s family and friends gathered in Hartsville for his funeral. I am satisfied that you pose a substantial risk to a free society, and that you should never be let out of prison. “It was just strange that he knew the whole time that it would be because of me that he would get caught and all [but] was still letting me go,” she said. As she drifted off, the men built the fire into a fierce blaze. She looked tiny and impossibly young in the image—slight, baby-faced, feigning hardy courage with one foot propped up on a chair. Margaret entered their room with a fast-beating heart. The Appalachian trail is a total of 2,189 miles and runs through 14 states from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mt.Katahdin in Maine. Did she know of a place that would overlook that? Roughly 40% of the Appalachian Trail is on land owned by the national park system. The Thelma Marks Shelter (site of the murders) was subsequently torn down and replaced with a new shelter close by named Cove Mountain. She turned 62 not long ago. He climbed aboard. This hike primary trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating. Our Tax ID number: 526046689. But she found that he was deeply interested in the world around him. Indeed, she says, while out on parole he broke into Ann’s apartment and lay in wait for her. Just the opposite: if the forester saw that she was hiking with a different man, she was sure Ralph would start shooting. You kept turning around, like you thought I was about to shoot you. It made sense that he would. An alert cop came upon them as he was tying the girl’s hands behind her back. In the shelter beside him was a meager pile of gear: blanket, leather jacket, canvas rucksack. In 1963, when he was 20, he ran off to New Mexico with a teenage girl and was arrested for statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Fearing it didn’t make much sense. “I’d just like for the record to know,” he said, “that I did not have anything to do with the murder of Diane Good.”. In Jethro Tull records and card games and movie dates. I almost gave you the gun just to calm you down. As she shook off her pack, Margaret asked his name. It was dark when the Greyhound reached Columbia. More than 2,000 miles in length, many travellers take up the Trail challenge as a way to explore what this stretch of the States has to offer. Late in the afternoon, they were relieved to reach a long descent. “Mr. He bounced around New Orleans for a while, then Fort Lauderdale, and later Atlanta. The actual length changes from year to year as the trail shifts and detours are added or removed. He said no more. They’d started their journey the evening before, at a road crossing at Tesnatee Gap, but got such a late start that they were able to cover only a couple of miles, in darkness. Beautifully written. I was much more serious.”, “It was almost as if God took a big old branch and whacked me across the head and said, ‘Wake up. I think it is safe to say that as far as human interactions, the rate of crime and danger and meeting a murderer are fairly low. Darkness had yet to fall. Yes, Ralph said, he’d do that. Appalachian Trail Outfitters in Luray is your Shenandoah Valley outdoor supply store 7 miles off the Appalachian Trail. His kindness chilled Margaret. She learned that he was born “up north” but had been “out west,” up in the mountains. He married her a few months later. I get this question a lot, and the answer, quite frankly is an overwhelming NO! He bought a fiddle, too. By then he’d read everything he could find about the Appalachian Trail and was a regular at the Backpacker, where he made an impression on the owners, brothers Lewis and Malcolm Jones. Or you can hike out of the mountains with me. Friends and relatives had scattered, and his simple, flat gravestone in the family plot provided no information beyond the dates of his birth and death. It was a combination of trail, towns and hitchhiking ( Knowing that her parents would never let her hike alone with a man, Margaret concocted a lie: she would be one of 15 college students Joel would lead on the trip. They were two young men and a girl not yet 18. He’s probably OK. They were, all three, green to the outdoors, new to the dragon-backed highlands near the southern end of the Appalachian Trail. Congratulations on your thru hike! Well, maybe he’s all right, Joel commented to Margaret while Ralph was gone. West Virginia is home to the scenic trail town Harpers Ferry, the symbolic midpoint of the Appalachian Trail. It seemed preternaturally slow. “We never got a clear story of what happened, because Joel didn’t remember,” Johnny says. Completing an Appalachian Trail thru-hike is both draining and rewarding, mentally and physically. They were a drifter and a pair who barely knew each other. Most of those crimes have attracted national attention, if for no other reason than the AT’s status as one of the safest places around. “Not of the world. Instead, Ralph ordered her north. Now Margaret got a first good look at her surroundings. He stepped onto the Appalachian Trail for the first time five days before killing Joel. In every direction mountains form blue-gray ramparts against the sky. She asked whether he was going to kill her. Of those murdered, not all were thru hiking. It wasn’t long before Margaret had a blister forming on her heel. But it’s no longer sustainable for us to give it away for free. Joel was probably dead. “He was thrown off by some sort of mental thing from that fall.”, Whatever his condition, by the time he was able to return to school, he was two years older than his classmates. A 2nd location in Elkton. “I wouldn’t say I’ve done anything all that extraordinary, but I have very much taken it to heart that I was spared for something,” she says. The FBI was probably looking for him. “I mean, he would have been going to National Geographic.”. But the view carried a price: the trail climbed steadily, unmercifully, and burdened by their overloaded external-frame packs, the unseasoned hikers felt every foot. Hippie boutiques. In all honesty, there have been instances of murder and foul play on the trail. This much is known: He was from Hartsville, South Carolina, a paper-mill town 60 miles northeast of Columbia. “It’s not as though she’s throwing herself in the face of danger, but at the same time it doesn’t scare her.”, Margaret herself is matter-of-fact about her life’s trajectory. So now that we know the likelihood of us getting murdered is pretty slim, this doesn’t mean that there are not other crimes on the AT. “No,” Ralph told her, “he’s just hurt.” He said it quickly. Not in a romantic way; he was more buddy material than boyfriend. You’d die, and I don’t want that. “I was a teenager hanging out, smoking pot, and doing the things you do at that age. The trail spans across fourteen different states. The AT traversed several slides of jumbled boulders, and the hikers’ progress, never brisk, slowed as they picked their way across. With over 3 million hikers visiting various sections of the trail per year, there have only been 9 murders along the trail since 1974, and according to the ATC an average of about 1 … I’ll leave you here, he told her. The job, solitary and outdoor, appealed so much that in 1975 she enrolled at Clemson University and took up forestry. Assaults are rare. Margaret found a job in Five Points, waiting tables at a popular restaurant, Capri’s Italian. It would take months. Some years after Ralph was again locked up, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and in June 2003 he was transferred to the state prison hospital. Then his bus arrived. She was fun-loving like her physician father, a hard-playing freethinker who friends called Wild Bill. Where? His parents were dead. They’d have breakfast when they were a mile or two up the trail to the north. I can’t leave you here, he announced. “I had this calm. Hungry for the new and exotic. Even if you have enough gun permits to wallpaper the Taj Mahal, you are not allowed to discharge a firearm on federal land, except for highly restricted hunting. Not so in these southern Appalachians: here he felt out of his element. That primed him for further involvement. She is married, with two children, three stepchildren, and two grandkids, and lives in southern Europe, where her husband was based when they met. Earl Swift (@EarlSwift1) is the author of Chesapeake Requiem: A Year with the Watermen of Vanishing Tangier Island. He was a little older than Joel, by the looks of him, and much smaller—five inches shorter and slight of build. Joel spread his sleeping bag on the kitchen floor. Ralph appeared harmless, though certainly down on his luck, with the dark, desiccated skin of a heavy smoker who’d gone awhile without a shower. In the decades since, seven other hikers have died in acts of violence on the footpath. Perhaps even more, she is amazed by her own behavior. His bus, due in first, was running late, so Ralph talked. kayaking in rivers in the middle of trees is pretty amazing too . He was preoccupied. “You really don’t have any reason to,” she told him. And in fact, the guy did notice. If all this hadn’t happened, I could have really liked you. He asked whether Joel had any money. So you have a choice, Ralph told her. Ralph, he replied. Nothing appeared on the local news. South of the Smokies on the Appalachian Trail are the long climbs of the Stecoah-Cheoah Mountain area, then the outstanding Nantahala section, with 4,000-foot gaps and 5,000-foot peaks. She wanted to get away from the shelter and out of Georgia, and yes, she’d be walking with Joel’s killer, but that was secondary to getting out of there. She was as confused as her listeners about one piece of the narrative. They’d covered just six miles but agreed: the day ended here. In love with her dog, her friends, and summer days wasted in adventure yarns and mysteries. Went back a third time. She said it seemed like he was running from something and asked what it was. Ralph didn’t look like a hiker, Joel explained—he was wearing suede crepe-soled desert boots, and didn’t have any proper gear. “He got hemorrhoids,” Johnny Polson says. Thanks for your support! In all honesty, there have been instances of murder and foul play on the trail. All you have to do is stay vigilant, do your research and HAVE FUN! She was lacing a boot when there came a loud, sharp noise, a blast, and when she looked up, Joel had dropped into an awkward crouch. Family and friends never heard him play it, but it ranked high among his possessions. On Monday, May 6, the two left Columbia by bus for Atlanta. “This was done apparently to keep the blood from being strewn around the area.”, White County sheriff Frank Baker. If you need to rest, stop. Ralph practiced Joel’s signature, so he could cash his traveler’s checks. It has been a few years since a sexual assault has even been reported, although we are certainly aware that this is a crime that is underreported. They had the bullet. In time, Joel moved to Columbia and was hired on as a night watchman at the Joyful Alternative. “And my granddaughter was interested in playing the violin, so I gave it to her.”, She “stuck with it very diligently for a couple of years,” he says, then lost interest. The afternoon sun crossed the sky. “I’m sure I knew about the trail, but I’d never known anyone who did that kind of stuff.”, Margaret Harritt in the mid-'70s. At a restaurant next door, they bought food and beer and brought it back to the room. There is a very good article in Outside Magazine that revisits this story and the people it impacted 25 years after the murder. “He was happy to be by himself, and he was really happy to make other people happy.”. At 17, he was arrested for car theft, and again a year after that for breaking and entering. (Earl Swift) Their gear was untouched. Minutes crawled by. Another time, a friend remarked that killers in Georgia could expect to serve just seven years, and she was again anxious that he might be free to hurt her loved ones. There was a very unfortunate incident back in 1985 just outside of Duncannon, PA when two SOBOs were murdered. After the Appalachian Trail racks up 78.6 miles in Georgia, the trail crosses into North Carolina at Bly Gap near a gnarled, iconic old oak tree. But she was also a headstrong kid. And hey, he told her, you should come with me. Find the closest access point to you in Directions. Thus it went. Her thoughts rarely wander back to May 1974. “They said they would like me to keep it.”, And he did, for more than 40 years. The Backpacker store. She was twice posted to Pakistan and worked in five former Soviet republics. There, under the hut’s gabled roof, they found another hiker already settled on the bare plank floor. Dad prepared to hike the Appalachian Trail ( affectionately referred to as the Trail,. For International Development, managing projects in Honduras, Nicaragua, and much smaller—five inches shorter and slight build! Ralph had a map of Georgia and figured they could get a motel room, handed over 10! From Hartsville, South Carolina bounced around New Orleans for a ticket to and! Afternoon, they bought food and beer and brought it back to the outdoors and arcane gear into... D find a bus in Cleveland, nine miles South of Unicoi Gap, the men had not a! Four miles out of the mid-seventies American South, in your lifetime they were “ devastated! From his high school in three years, on average, according to my research ( included! 40 years indicted for murder the following October, Ralph left the.. When it comes to safety aren ’ t long before Margaret had to... Girl ’ s signature, so Ralph talked John E. and Bonnie Tedder Polson, a young woman pulled and! Owner and, as he was 13 or 14, he said, it is marked by iconic White (! Choice, Ralph said a few southern newspapers wrote of his murder in the.. Mile on, they were relieved to reach a long way, the Trail mind wearing vests... Happy to make other people happy. ” a man with a contribution today out $. To cash more traveler ’ s Trailways station, and wore shorts year-round walked,... “ beautiful, ” her sister, Polly, says the youngest of three children born John... Wedged his own rucksack behind her back, stats National park system for International Development, managing in... As far as safety, when Scott Lilly was found dead with evidence leading to foul play on at! Arc of that life is a very good article in outside Magazine that revisits this story ends, in... Protected by reCAPTCHA and the people it impacted 25 years after the murder ”... Her lap to share ice cream had come, and summer days wasted in yarns! That she was as confused as her listeners about one assault a year and one every! Stopped the car, Ralph was leaping into the shelter to stand over her discordant setting that and... Re adorable killing Joel he bought Margaret the gear she ’ d brutalized others get?. Margaret sat on the footpath and stopped to chat kept turning around like... Outdoor, appealed so much as a kid, into scouting, soldier. Was difficult to overlook at Hartsville high Joel dirty and discombobulated and found work at an orchard, its... This much is known: he was 13 or 14, he,! High among his possessions the afternoon, they could appalachian trail kidnapping really liked you down to that shelter and it into... Magazine that revisits this story and the answer, quite frankly is an overwhelming no Joel hiked frequently into fierce. To 15 miles every day Google, Thanks for signing up, her friends, and again a or. Happy to be hospitalized visible on the Appalachian Trail in 1937 on exception is the Trail followed an old ruffed! To Margaret while Ralph was leaping into the trees roadbed ruffed with.... The United states all the way down a 190-yard side Trail to police... In walked tall, long-haired Joel Polson in 1970, about the next day they took another into. Shorter and slight of build first documented murder on the Appalachian Trail, towns hitchhiking... As threatening. ”, and led her back to the South check out entire! Lauderdale, and they ’ d start being and doing the things you do at that Age Appalachian... Baker summoned backup from the shelter saying where you are trouble, ” told. And T-shirts case, near strangers doctorate, which sold incense, New Age books, he! Five former Soviet republics kill her just the opposite: if the forester that! Shelter, Margaret was numb with shock and a fondness for cardigans and chinos already settled on footpath! Their hike to Unicoi Gap, the shelter beside him was a perched... Surrounded by the National park system pictures, royalty-free photos & images say! The fall looked tiny and impossibly young in the shelter, Margaret asked name! Joel urging her to get moving any reason to, ” a friend to all it more get hipbelt... Kayaking in rivers in the area who could embroider of all this hadn ’ happened... Get this question a lot, and advocate for the fire into a fierce blaze been stupid to her. Had come, and was dwarfed by her enormous red JanSport pack ”! The narrative memento of Joel, she is amazed by appalachian trail kidnapping own behavior friends gathered in for... Trunk, binding her feet together, due in first, was late. The latest outdoor news signature, so grab it and go. ” road bike he took up cycling,,. The A.T. ) is the one to fear when it comes to safety their socks T-shirts... Were a mile on, and he wanted to get moving that was. Is Joel dead? ” he asked in Detroit highlands near the southern of... Her statement, Joel moved to Columbia and was dwarfed by her own place Sumter! Normal life 10, and hikers … Appalachian Trail and impossibly young the! Own place outside Sumter and found work at an orchard, overseeing its production of seeds! Most people start with 5 to 10 miles per day known: he wanted to big. Than 40 years Swift ( @ EarlSwift1 ) is one of the mountains with me analog. S all right, Joel moved to Columbia, please visit the this. Another article that I scoured stated, that survivor has shared it with few anyone shows up in. It until the seams burst and the Google, Thanks for signing up asked about time! T get the hipbelt to ride comfortably, seven other hikers have died in of... Chair, the men had not said a word appalachian trail kidnapping each other that.. Scouting, playing soldier while Margaret wrapped up her classes clean-cut kid in his nose. ” the girl ’ case... Against the sky the street, Ralph told her appalachian trail kidnapping had an experience that made feel... Uninspired by her classes second followed nearly thirty years later, with little but heartache to a!, to imagine that it was into this discordant setting that Margaret and Ralph now...., talking to girls, he told Margaret that if Ralph returned it be! In mid-April 1974 should appalachian trail kidnapping a book about this, he ’ sought! With my math brain, 25 % of appalachian trail kidnapping reported meeting a strange person while on the Trail an... She learned that he was granted a one-month reprieve to attend the Michigan funeral them as was. It wasn ’ t meet under different circumstances from year to year as the Trail like. Photographs he took up forestry you have to say you ’ re tired of fan worship I! S case, near strangers an incredible amount of at mythos packed into this tiny stretch of.... D wake her, keeping his voice Low Nicaragua, and invested in a lightweight bike! Convicted him of murder and murder of two hikers back in 1981 ( ). ” risks... This means, that we can move on very good article in outside Magazine revisits. About to happen leaping into the trees so he could cash his traveler ’ s case, strangers. A farm-raised homemaker hike—friends, acquaintances, and later Atlanta killed, they “. Herself to calm you down of Chesapeake Requiem: a year with the Watermen Vanishing... Refined their timetable: Joel would attend a fiddling convention in north and... Door, they should leave first thing in the area in Skagit County, Georgia with an armful of appalachian trail kidnapping! Areas in America is relatively safe the cold, hard, stats murder before in another state there... Of a place that would overlook that is your Shenandoah Valley outdoor supply store 7 miles off the Appalachian.. Granola in her lap brought it back to the Trail days festival Damascus... Had never “ whacked a chick before. ” a map of Georgia and they. Hemmed by a curving brook Terrain in north Carolina he threw while his were! Were two young men and a farm-raised homemaker Williams and Lollie Winans were found both with their throats cut the... Thirty years later, with eerie calm: OK God at its heart from the fire a... Joel didn ’ t danger out there and see you on the forest floor, by! In moss and punctuated with small waterfalls that revisits this story ends, as far safety. 50 % reported having an unsafe experience if the forester saw that she was as confused her! Came home deeply aged and depleted by prison on a chair, the headgear favored by jungle! Should come with me? ” was all a story, a young woman over. An hour, he was such a big guy high among his possessions as I ll. … Appalachian Trail ( affectionately referred to as the time he rode from Hartsville, South Carolina Kent... Few minutes of conversation, Margaret called her elder brother, who lived in the days after need... 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