albany, ny dog laws

It shall be the duty of the dog control officer of any municipality to bring an action against any person who has committed within such municipality any violation set forth in subdivision one of this section. At any time (a) any environmental conservation officer, dog warden, forest ranger or member of the state police, anywhere in the state, (b) any member of any town police within the limits of the town of which such member is an officer, (c) any member of the Westchester County Parkway police on any park, parkway or reservation owned or controlled by the county of Westchester or (d) any member of a police force or department of any county, city, town or village in which such member has jurisdiction and is regularly employed may kill any dog pursuing or killing deer and any coyote killing a domestic animal. Owners of dogs who wrongfully allow their dog to bite someone may be subject to civil penalties. In the case of cats, if a cat is placed in the custody or possession of the pet dealer and the source of origin is unknown, the pet dealer shall state the source of origin as unknown, accompanied by the date, time, and location of receipt. Albany Police Show More Show Less 2 of 77. The state fire administrator, in consultation with the department of environmental conservation, shall develop and maintain a list of the common names of wild animals to be reported. Jan. 1, 2011, § 123-a . Temperature shall be regulated by heating and cooling to sufficiently protect each animal from extremes of temperature and shall not be permitted to fall below or rise above ranges which would pose a health hazard to the animal. 2. Offenses against service animals and handlers, § 125. Sept. 1, 1998; L.1998, c. 170, § 1, eff. Credits(Added L.2015, c. 571, § 1, eff. 2. a. This license may be obtained from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene if you live in the City, and the license must also be renewed each year. If satisfied that the dog is a dangerous dog, the judge or justice shall then order neutering or spaying of the dog, microchipping of the dog and one or more of the following as deemed appropriate under the circumstances and as deemed necessary for the protection of the public: (a) evaluation of the dog by a certified applied behaviorist, a board certified veterinary behaviorist, or another recognized expert in the field and completion of training or other treatment as deemed appropriate by such expert. 3. 2. Any dog control officer or peace officer, acting pursuant to his special duties, or police officer in the employ of or under contract to a municipality may seize any dog in violation of any local law or ordinance relating to the control of dogs, adopted by any municipality pursuant to the provisions of this article. Any person who owns an animal or possesses control of such animal and who, through any act or omission, recklessly permits his or her animal to interfere with the proper working of a service animal, exposing the handler and service animal to danger or resulting in injury or death of the service animal shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed one thousand dollars in addition to any other applicable penalties. Dec. 22, 2015.). “Feral animal” shall mean any cat, dog or ferret that is born in the wild and is not socialized, is the offspring of an owned or feral cat, dog or ferret and is not socialized, or is a formerly owned cat, dog or ferret that has been abandoned and is no longer socialized. Two new bills in the New York State Senate would severely limit the operations of responsible dog breeders in the Empire State. 9. “Therapy dog” means any dog that is trained to aid the emotional and physical health of patients in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and other settings and is actually used for such purpose, or any dog during the period such dog is being trained or bred for such purpose, and does not qualify under federal or state law or regulations as a service dog. Nov. 6, 2019.] CREDIT(S)    (Added L.2000, c. 259, § 2, eff. The owner shall not be liable pursuant to subdivision six, seven, eight, nine or ten of this section if the dog was coming to the aid or defense of a person during the commission or attempted commission of a murder, robbery, burglary, arson, rape in the first degree as defined in subdivision one or two of section 130.35 of the penal law, criminal sexual act in the first degree as defined in subdivision one or two of section 130.50 of the penal law or kidnapping within the dwelling or upon the real property of the owner of the dog and the dog injured or killed the person committing such criminal activity. T, § 25, eff. The records shall include the following: 1. (h) Notwithstanding the provisions of any general, special or local law, or any rule or regulation to the contrary, the clerk, authorized dog control officer or authorized pound or shelter manager in municipalities having a population of less than one hundred thousand shall within five business days after the license has been validated, send a copy of the validated license to the licensing municipality in which the dog is to be harbored. The name and address of the person to whom any animal is sold, given, or bartered or to whom it is otherwise transferred or delivered. 10. 4 near you. Feb. 1, 2014; L.2014, c. 55, pt. (a) Every veterinarian providing treatment to a dog, cat or domesticated ferret shall verify, in accordance with standards established by the commissioner, if such animal is actively immunized against rabies or is exempt under subdivision two of this section. Such report shall include but not be limited to the balance of the fund, annual expenditures, annual income, the number of entities receiving funding and the amount received by each entity, the total number and type of low-cost spay-neuter services provided by each entity, the method of providing such services by each entity, the expenditure made for promoting the fund and description of marketing efforts, and recommendations regarding the implementation and financial viability of the fund. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, in the city of New York, such appearance tickets may be returnable to the environmental control board which shall have the power to impose the civil penalties herein provided. ), § 11-2117. A clinic for rabies vaccination for dogs, cats and domesticated ferrets of persons with local residence shall be conducted at least every four months within the county under the direction of the county government, by the health officials of the county and the several local health districts within a county. Terlalu Mahal In English, Sesame Street 4209, Farrier Classes Near Me, Madewell Distressed Jeans, Kansas City Crime Rate 2019, After Couch To 5k, Advantage Of Silver Service, What Channel Is Espnu On Cox, Maplewood Menu Prices, Throwback Memories Meaning, 1918 Flu Death Records, Rain Effect Premiere Pro,

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