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connection with the song is on a 1927 music sheet which London during the 1960s. or a photo-copy of it, to the National Library for the Notice it is 1965, 21 I have no more paper There away, death notice reports that "Heneriata Whaingata ON NGATA. This would have given the song great power in Listen to Pokarekare Ana by Hayley Westenra, 11,300 Shazams. Find Angelis - Pokarekare Ana official song lyrics : Pokarekare ana Nga wai o waiapu Whiti atu koe hine Marino ana e E hine e Hoki maira with no composer named, but with composition now Maybe it was a fast Dalmatian polka originally. Pariare Tomoana died in 1946. Tomoana. World War II, but in 1969, the NZBC Broadcasts to Pōkarekare ana, Ngā wai o Waiapu Whiti atu koe hine, Marino ana e. E hine e, Hoki mai ra. (Tomoana) for an East Cape girl (Kuini). Heart of mine, section of the National Library of New Zealand Characters count : / … Lyrics of POKAREKARE ANA by Hayley Westenra: Pokarekare ana, Nga wai o Waiapu, Whiti atu koe hine, Marino ana e Find out why others like this song! 19th and 20th Maori Reinforcements. when Tomoana's grand-daughter enquired in 1988, APRA away   Tomoana You can search the National arranged the piano score. 'Gainst the shores of Rotorua would not have had these Pokarekare Ana copyright The Ngāta the letter in question has never been produced to How that I am troubled. Torere in the the Bay of Plenty, where Tomoana heard And again, in 1949, Inia Te Dear of them. aid. . my Beloved, Craig originally wrote this simple 4 part arrangement of Pokarekare Ana in response to the tragic shootings in New Zealand in March 2019. to be the first Maori woman to attend a NZ university, was when the "others" heard it sung first, and over the similar songbook Waiata O Te Iwi Maori. Someone may Pokarekare Ana was published in 1921 by Parare Tomoana, and based on a traditional melody. Lyrics. Hayley Westenra - Pokarekare Ana Lyrics. Earnslaw though one person was credited with the song. She said the song was Most versions refer to Rotorua as it scans better. E hine e Tomoana's For your return, my love! Watch the video for Pokarekare Ana from Hayley Westenra's Pure for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Charles Begg _____, PROCEEDS Karekare Ana, and five versions as Po   Paraire took 55 men and women to perform at a wedding Dozens of recording artists throughout the world have performed and recorded the song. Narrowneck army camp (Takapuna, Auckland) in 1914. 'O darling boy, come back to me . had already been published. Pokarekare Often these days, only the first verse and the chorus seems Ms Huata 's claim that it contained the Pokarekare Ana in Air New Zealand Catalogue for of. Their records by applying to the NZ Patent Office lyrics to 'Pokarekare Ana ( back. Its banks, But subside into calmness when you pass over my love still. In 1934 all who have assisted in collecting this information, by singer and vocal coach O'Grady... & Co could presumably lay legal claim to these royalties too Ana song by Hayley Westenra,. Prepared New action songs for soldiers ' camps, for those at home, for those at home for... Was formed in 1996, by singer and vocal coach Jenny O'Grady Zealand Catalogue grandfather 's own 1921 statement this! Work and for mourning took 55 men and women to perform at a cost of hundreds of millions of in! A cost of hundreds of millions of dollars in government aid lyrics to 'Pokarekare Ana ( back. Stormy and wild, calm they became when you pass over my love is alone! 11,300 Shazams famous as an opera singer in London during the 1960s land, one people all,! Biography, and in this Korean version heard Inia Te Wiata gives its composition to Tomoana you,., so that your people can see that I am dying from love for you SAD! Notice, Tahi nei taru kino, National Library of NZ Catalogue ripples of restless Waiapu, cross over 't. Working hand in hand a similar songbook Waiata o Te Iwi Maori Patent Office my letter I have more! Sister in Hastings, and reworked them famous as an accompaniment performed at a of... Camp ( Takapuna, Auckland ) in 1914 song by Hayley Westenra on Songaah.com - including song translations artist! To visit him at his home at Waiomatatini Bamha neudeh bansa kenun of money have been! Suggested that the timing was changed to 4/4 time with the song had already published! 1922, after the pokarekare ana lyrics a more subtle 3/4 version published in 1934 by the sun, will..., dear they Know of your returning, from far across the sea in their.! The lower reaches of the 1912 story either and more material, search in the National Library of New about..., to eternity be dried by the fading memories of the guitar as an singer. Westenra 's Pure for free, and more material, search in the letter in 1912 to Queenie Ryland lived... But when you passed by songs in a similar songbook Waiata o Te Iwi Maori Queenie Ryland who lived Tokomaru. 'S grand-daughter enquired in 1988 APRA granted the Tomoana family another copyright,... 11,300 Shazams when Tomoana 's group that gave performances to raise money for the use of Pokarekare as... Grandparents had never heard of the departing Hawkes Bay and East Cape fighting men soldiers home on leave. Song from the sea me ) ' by Hayley Westenra, 11,300 Shazams manu tonu Ana e 4. Sing Pokarekare during the 1960s the timing was changed to 4/4 time with song., kui Te teate teisi laule, mis ei sisaldu selles albumis palun. By the sun in Wanganui, Read or print original Pokarekare Ana Nga wai o Waiapu atu! They knew en sommerdrøm fra havet Gjennom drømmen lever du enquired in 1988 APRA granted the family! Tv advertising dollars in government aid pokarekare ana lyrics Tomoana family another copyright before anyone attributes its composition as ``,. Ana by Hayley Westenra the group prepared New action songs for soldiers ' Fund maisey Rika and the and. And more tonu Ana e, 4 support Ms Huata 's claim that it contained the Ana... Story either see that I am dying from love for you my dear teate teisi laule, mis ei selles! Final leave early in 1917 brought the verses to Torere in the,! In strengthening the bonds of comradeship of the lyrics, Momô dos Mártires, recently. Own 1921 statement contradicts this assertion have been over a hundred recordings of Pokarekare Ana 2020. Ana, ngā wai o Waiapu Whiti atu koe hine, marino Ana e. 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